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Title Translation of
Smurfy Acres
FrenchLe village de luxe
GermanSchlumpfiger Acker
ItalianLa nuova puflandia
DutchSmurfige weiden

"Smurfy Acres" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Smurfy Acres

It is the night of the final phase of the full moon, and Gargamel knows that it's time to summon the spirit of the Great Book Of Spells. Taking his cat down into the cellar where the book is located (who then makes a run for it when the spirit suddenly lights the candles near its lectern), he tells the book that he needs a spell to create a new Smurf Village that's better than the old one so that the Smurfs will flock to it and then be trapped. Realizing that he owes his master a full day of wishes to grant, the Great Book Of Spells directs Gargamel toward a mushroom patch out in the forest where he mixes up a formula to throw onto the patch. The mushrooms then turn into a shiny sparkly new Smurf Village with tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses all around its houses. Pleased with the result, Gargamel tells Azrael that all they need to do now is to fill this village with Smurfs.

Perched high upon the branch of a tree, Gargamel uses a telescope to spy on the Smurfs when he sees a band of them traveling into the forest pulling a wagon behind them. Smurfette tells Handy that they need to find a big enough mushroom cap for the roof of Papa Smurf's house. Handy tells Smurfette that there's a big mushroom down near the river, and so they turn off in another direction. Gargamel is upset that the Smurfs aren't heading in the direction of the new Smurf Village and so stomps on the branch he's standing on in anger, which causes it to give way and send the wizard plummeting to the ground while Azrael safely watches.

Gargamel hobbles back to his house and goes back to the Great Book Of Spells, complaining that every time he asks the book for a foolproof spell, he leaves something out. The spirit of the book says he leaves nothing out. Gargamel then asks the book for a way that he can attract the Smurfs to the new village. The spirit of the book has Gargamel get two mirrors of equal size, rub upon them the wings of dragonflies, then stick out his tongue, cross his eyes, and say three times the word "advertise". At first he sees that nothing has happened, but as he carries away one of the mirrors, his cat Azrael sees Gargamel's image cast upon the other mirror. He realizes that he can now transmit his image from one mirror to the other, and so he finds himself a disguise he can use to make his "sales pitch" to the Smurfs.

Out in the forest, the Smurfs have found the mushroom cap they need to replace Papa Smurf's roof with and head back to the village carrying it on their cart when Vanity sees a mirror along the way. As he looks into the mirror, the image changes to that of a man with a moustache, saying that they're now the proud owners of a magic mirror so they can watch the Smurfy Acres Show at noon today. The Smurfs take the mirror back home to the village to tell Papa Smurf about the Smurfy Acres Show that will be broadcast on it. Papa Smurf doesn't see what harm a reflection in the mirror can do and so gives his little Smurfs permission to watch the show.

At noon all the Smurfs have gathered around the Smurf Theater where the magic mirror is placed on stage for them to watch the show. Then the man with the moustache appears in the mirror again, telling them that the show they're watching is all about Smurfy Acres, the brand new Smurf Village created with Smurfs in mind that's better than the old one, with swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses. The man in the moustache introduces the next star of the show, the comedian Tom Foolery. As the Smurfs laugh along with his jokes, Papa Smurf notices something strangely familiar about the comedian. Then the man with the moustache appears in the mirror again, this time panning the image around Smurfy Acres and telling the Smurfs that for a limited time only they're giving away homes. The Smurfs cheer as the show ends with directions toward the new Smurf Village, but Papa Smurf is suspicious about the whole thing and has Smurfette go along with him to find out.

Perched high upon a tree, Gargamel watches with glee as the Smurfs flock to their new home, enjoying themselves as they make use of its amenities. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Baby Smurf watch the whole scene from a distance, with Smurfette commenting that the other Smurfs are having a good time. But then Papa Smurf's suspicions about Smurfy Acres are confirmed when Gargamel casts a spell (directed to him by the Great Book Of Spells) that seals off the entire perimeter of the new village so that the Smurfs cannot escape...though it is with a towering wall that makes it impossible for Gargamel to get his hands on his prey. As the Smurfs in Smurfy Acres now cry for help, Papa Smurf returns to the Smurf Village with Smurfette and Baby Smurf to alter the magic mirror so that it now broadcasts to the other mirror what that one sees. Smurfette dresses herself up in the manner of a TV cooking star so that she could keep Gargamel interested and distracted while Papa Smurf rescues the other Smurfs.

As Gargamel returns to the towering wall blocking Smurfy Acres with a tall ladder he gets from his home, he sees the image of Smurfette on his magic mirror, introducing him to a show called Cooking With Smurf and that today she's going to teach him how to make Smurf Surprise. Gargamel finds himself tempted to watch and jot down the recipe that Smurfette gives him, and even Azrael is too enraptured to notice Papa Smurf using a potion to make a hole in the wall for the Smurfs to escape through. As the show continues, Gargamel wishes for the star of the show to hurry up because it's getting dark...and as he says "it's getting dark", he realizes that the spells of the Great Book Of Spells are wearing off: the wall disappears, the village disappears with no Smurfs left in it, and Smurfette says "surprise" before her image disappears from the mirror. Gargamel pounds his fists on a tree in frustration, saying that he will never be able to catch those Smurfs.

Upon the Smurfs' return to their own village, Papa Smurf tells them, "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home," as they cheer.


  • A possible error in dialogue: when Vanity looks into the mirror and Gargamel appears in it wearing a moustache, Vanity says, "When did I grow a beard?"

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