CreatorUnknown, if any
PurposeHealing power
First AppearanceSeason 3, "The Smurfstone Quest"

Cartoon Icon

The Smurfstone is a magical crystal that appears in the episode "The Smurfstone Quest". It is an egg-shaped crystal that emits heat which Papa Smurf's books say contains magical healing powers. It is located in a cave behind a waterfall in the distant valley of Notrod, and is guarded by the Molians, who fear going into the cave that the Smurfstone is in, saying that it is a dragon's nest.

In the episode, Hefty, Handy, and Lazy venture into the cave to find the Smurfstone, only to be captured by the Molians who accused them of being dragons, though because of their tiny eyes hidden by hair they couldn't see that the Smurfs weren't dragons. When the Smurfs fled from the Molians into the cave where they said it was a dragon's nest, they found out that was there the Smurfstone was located, and they brought it back to the surface, taking it to the village where Papa Smurf could use it to heal himself of his gout. Clumsy tried to bring the stone over to Papa Smurf, but he tripped and fell, causing the stone to shatter onto Papa Smurf's right foot, healing him of his gout but causing one of his toes to be broken.

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