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Handy is going to take his fellow Smurfs on a wild ride to Dreamy Steamy Springs.

"Smurfs On Wheels" is a Season 6 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Grandpa Smurf is out for a morning jog through the Smurf Village when he visits Papa Smurf just waking up. He tells the younger elder Smurf to check his calendar, and as he does, he notices that it's the time of year for the annual hike to Dreamy Steamy Springs. Papa Smurf promptly gets changed out of his night clothes and into his normal clothes, with his backpack and walking stick all ready. He and Grandpa Smurf certain that the other little Smurfs will want to go on the hike with them. However, Brainy says he's too busy with writing the greatest book of all time, The Brainy Smurf Story, while Painter is busy with his new masteurpiesa, Greedy is busy with a new recipe for smurfberry souffle, and Smurfette is busy with Tailor fitting her with a new dress for her smurfday party. In fact, most of the Smurfs aren't even interested in going on the hike for various reasons, which makes Grandpa Smurf so put off that he shares a bit of his folk wisdom before deciding that he and Papa Smurf will go on the hike themselves. Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that he will see them in two days as they wave goodbye while they start off. Fortunately for the two elder Smurfs, Nat manages to catch up to them because he wants to go on his first hike with them and that he just carved his own walking stick.

Back in the village, after the three Smurfs had left, Smurfette is starting to express her regret of not going to Dreamy Steamy Springs when Handy shows up driving a vehicle that he calls the Smurf wagon. With the vehicle, Handy says that they can get to Dreamy Steamy Springs without having to hike it there and still have all the comforts of home. A good deal of his fellow Smurfs, after seeing the inside of the wagon, take up Handy's offer and load up inside the vehicle until Handy sees the wheels buckle from them bringing too much stuff. The village builder cranks up the wagon's motor, and soon Handy is ready to drive off...until he sees that he can't get the wagon going, and so has his fellow Smurfs push the vehicle until it does get going, with his passengers chasing after it.

Out in the woods, Papa, Grandpa, and Nat are taking a restful break from their hiking near a peaceful brook, enjoying the scent of the fresh air and flowers, when they hear the sound of Handy's vehicle approaching. Grandpa thinks it's a demon, and so the three dive for cover behind a rock as the Smurf wagon passes by them before stopping. Handy gets out and shows the three Smurf hikers that the Smurf wagon is a new way of hiking. Papa Smurf says he's glad that his little Smurfs have changed their minds about going to Dreamy Steamy Springs, but he just doesn't call riding in a vehicle hiking. Handy offers them a ride to the springs in style, but the three Smurf hikers refuse, saying they've gotten used to roughing it for too long to change and that hiking is just fun. Soon Handy gets the vehicle going again with his fellow Smurfs pushing it and then chasing after it when it gets going again, making the three Smurf hikers shake their heads in disbelief.

As the Smurf wagon proceeds onward to its destination, the ride inside the vehicle is anything but peaceful as Hefty loses his grip on his barbells, knocking the box of rocks out of Clumsy's hands and causing Painter's canvas to fly off the easel, which then hits Tailor's head and causes Smurfette to fly into Greedy, knocking the bowl of batter out of his hand to land on Brainy's head. Soon Handy brings the vehicle to a stop, and Smurfette thinks they must be at the springs by now as she steps out of the vehicle...but instead falls right into a mud puddle that ruins her dress and makes her think she should have stayed at home. The Smurfs get out and try to push the Smurf wagon out of the puddle, but the mud is too slippery. Handy then comes up with the idea of using wooden planks so that the wagon can be pushed out of the puddle onto dry land. The Smurfs succeed in getting the wagon out before they themselves fall into the mud puddle. They start to complain that they're not having much fun on the trip, but Handy says that at least they don't have to walk there...until they see Papa, Grandpa, and Nat riding past them downstream on a log.

Handy tells his fellow Smurfs that at least they'll have the comforts of home when he brings the Smurf wagon to a stop for the night so they can get some sleep. Unfortunately, the Smurfs inside the wagon can barely get comfortable doing anything in close living quarters even as they have to put up with mosquitoes and each other's own personal habits. Elsewhere in the forest, Papa, Grandpa, and Nat are settling in for the night near a tree with the two younger Smurfs resting in sleeping bags while Grandpa Smurf accepts hospitality from a nearby bird's nest but politely refuses their offer of breakfast in the morning.

Brainy In Driver's Seat 2

Brainy should have left the driving to Handy.

Back at the Smurf wagon, Brainy rises early in the morning and decides that he's going to drive them all to Dreamy Steamy Springs while his fellow Smurfs are still asleep. He takes a mountain path to get to their destination, which is so rough that the other Smurfs wake up and wonder where they are and who's doing the driving. Clumsy opens the door and nearly steps out and off the high rocky road before Hefty pulls him back inside. Painter sees that Brainy is behind the wheel instead of Handy, and now Brainy has no control of the vehicle and is busy trying to wake Handy up even as he sees that the Smurf wagon is heading for the end of the road. Handy finally awakens and sees that they are headed for doom, so he pulls the handle and causes a parachute to pop out to slow their descent to the ground.

Meanwhile, Papa, Grandpa, and Nat are already at Dreamy Steamy Springs enjoying themselves in relaxation and wondering where the others are when they see a dark shadow passing over them. It is the Smurf wagon, which then lands in the rushing water and is heading straight for the waterfalls. The Smurfs inside the wagon quickly jump out of the vehicle before it goes over, but the current is too strong for them to swim away to safety. With quick thinking, the three Smurf hikers tie together a rope to lasso the other Smurfs and bring them safely to shore.

Sometime later, the Smurfs all come home from the hike, with Nat being happy that he had completed his first hike, and Handy being sad that he had lost his Smurf wagon along the way. He decides that his next invention will be one that will fly them to Dreamy Steamy Springs, but Painter says he would rather get there the old-fashioned way. Papa Smurf figures that next year there will be more Smurfs who will want to go with him on the hike. Hefty says that at least they won't have to hear Brainy writing his new story, but Brainy says that he wrote the whole thing in waterproof ink, which makes his fellow Smurfs slap their foreheads in frustration as they listen to him reading a sample of his work.


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