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Smurfs Adventures
Smurfs Adventures
Characters created byPeyo
Produced byHanna-Barbera
Years of original run1986-present
Running length30 minutes

Smurfs Adventures is the syndicated version of the original Saturday morning Smurfs cartoon show. It first aired on various independent stations in 1986, then was later moved to the USA cable network in the early 1990s, then it was moved to Cartoon Network, and now it currently airs on Boomerang. In Canada, it currently airs daily on Teletoon Retro, a channel devoted to popular cartoon series of the past.

Unlike the original show, Smurfs Adventures ran in a 30-minute format, featuring either one long episode or two short episodes. In the early years, when Season 1 episodes were shown, the shorter-length episodes would have edits in order for them to fit within the show's running time. As other seasons began to air, shorter episodes were also time-compressed, resulting in the voices and the soundtrack sounding rather helium-ish. It is not known whether either of the two four-part episodes, Season 6's "Smurfquest" or Season 7's "Smurf On The Wild Side", were ever shown in this syndicated format. The Season 9 episodes were, at least, broadcast, using the same intro sequence used for that season.

Smurfs Adventures uses a shortened version of the original show's Season 4 intro sequence, though with no Smurf hopping onto a mushroom at the end when the show's title (modified to read SMURFS ADVENTURES with the "created by Peyo" byline added) is displayed. However, two episodes from Season 6 use the original intro from the exact season instead.

For seasons 1 through 4, the Season 4 closing theme is also used for the closing credits, instead of the original respective NBC version arrangements. For season 1, the closing theme was shortened to match, while in seasons 2-4, the longer version of Season 4's closing theme was used. Starting with season 5, the original NBC closing themes are used, although the intro sequence remains the same.


Smurfs Adventures Intro00:47

Smurfs Adventures Intro

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