Smurfs Ultimate Collection 2
Smurfs: Ultimate Collection 2
DistributorMagna Video Entertainment
FormatDVD Region 4
Number of discs16

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Smurfs: Ultimate Collection 2 is a sixteen-disc DVD box set released from November 2011 by Magna Home Entertainment, containing all the episodes and a second Christmas special from the last four seasons of the Smurfs cartoon show, along with ten additional episodes of Johan and Peewit from the second and third seasons. The hardcover book contains more history of the Smurfs' population along with character profiles, storyboards, original sketches and more.


Johan and Peewit episodes:

  1. The Haunted Castle
  2. The Ring Of Castellac
  3. Return Of The Clockwork Smurf
  4. The Prince and the Peewit
  5. The Enchanted Baby
  6. Wolf In Peewit's Clothing
  7. Handy's Kite
  8. The Moor's Baby
  9. Peewit Meets Bigmouth
  10. The Grumpy Gremlin


  • Lost In The Ages isn't featured on Season 9 Disc 1, unlike that it had been in The Smurfs: Time Travelers DVD.
  • Unlike Season 9 which has retained its own intro, Season 8 uses the modified Season 1 intro (with the spoken narrator) and credits, as used from seasons 1, 2, 6, and 7, instead of its own specified intro, which had been shown in some few DVDs and VHS tapes.

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