English version

French version

Smurfs: The Lost Village
Original titleLes Schtroumpfs et Le Village des Filles
StoryThierry Culliford
ArtworkStudio Peyo
ColoristStudio Peyo
PublisherLe Lombard (French edition)
Papercutz (English version)
Year of publication2017
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"Smurfs: The Village Behind The Wall" (original French title Les Schtroumpfs et Le Village des Filles, "The Smurfs And The Village Of Girls") is a comic book collection of several stories based on the 2017 film Smurfs: The Lost Village. It was released in English by Papercutz on March 21, 2017.


Brainy Smurf's Walk

Beginning from when Team Smurf first meet the girls of Smurfy Grove, Hefty, Clumsy, and Brainy are on one side commenting to themselves on how weird the girls appear, with the girls doing the same. But curiosity wins out as they claimed they never seen female Smurfs (with some annoyance from Smurfette) and as Brainy takes the time to explore the Grove, Smurfblossom takes the first step in asking Brainy to go on a walk with her and her friends, to which Brainy agrees and even ignores Hefty's and Clumsy's remarks. Blossom asks Brainy what life is like in their village, and after showing how they dance, the girls decide to show him how Smurfy Grove dance. With Smurfmelody playing a unique instrument and the girls dancing in a very unique fashion, Blossom pulls Brainy to the dance floor, but this results in him injuring his back and neck. She takes him to a tree hut that specializes in massages, but the most effective way involves a frightening looking sucker beetle, and Brainy upon seeing it hightails it out of there, claiming to be feeling better. On the next part of the tour, Blossom suggests exercise, but Brainy of course passes the chance, so one of the girls instead suggests a walk in the forest, and Brainy agrees that it is a much better idea. But since it is a dangerous forest, they must take their bow and arrows. Brainy tries his hand (once again claiming to be a champion at it) at a target dummy but unfortunately hits Smurfstorm, leading them to rush away in fear of her anger. Blossom now brings Brainy to get suited up in camouflage before heading out into the forest, dressing him up in a large purple leaf and a vine to resemble a funny looking lizard to Brainy's embarrassment. As they head out into the forest, the group first climbs into the treetop and takes through the air on vines. Brainy, being unskilled in vine swinging, falls and lands on a flower with stinging hairs. The girls bring him down safely to the ground and cure Brainy's itching with taking a dip into a very stinky swamp and washing it off in freezing waterfalls. Having had enough, Brainy is exhausted and, seemingly catching a cold, he calls it a day and the girls ask the remaining two boys for a walk. But seeing the end result of Brainy's walk, Hefty and Clumsy nervously decline, leading to the girls going on their way and commenting that the boys don't know how to have fun.

Challenges For Hefty Smurf

Hefty is busy telling the (perhaps dramatized) story of how he bravely rescued Smurfette from Gargamel, but Stormy herself begins calling out on Hefty's story as being rubbish, and Hefty retorts that he is no liar. So after some goating, Stormy and Hefty challenge each other to a bet, and Stormy leads the group, but Brainy upon hearing of the challenge finds it (in his opinion) a bad idea. At the waterfalls bordering the edge of Smurfy Grove, Smurfstorm's challenge involves picking a rare flower that grows on the rocks of the rapids without falling down the falls. Hefty bravely hops across the waters on the rocks, but Stormy outfoxes him by using a vine shot across the river and then using her bow like a zipline, beating Hefty to the flower by a hair! Calling out Stormy as a cheater with her countering that no Smurf ever said how to they were supposed to pick the flower, they call forth another challenge. Later Stormy brings the group to a giant pink plant called a Gobble-All, waking it up to let loose its tendrils, and just before the challenge could get called off, Brainy makes an unwanted appearance to put in his two cents...before he gets snagged by the smurf-eating plant! Hefty tries to rescue his friend but couldn't do it on his own, so the girls led by Stormy begin attacking the Gobble-All. Giving into their blows, the plant falls flat, and Hefty goes and thanks Storm for the rescue and in return, having gained some respect for the strong Smurf, Stormy leads the way home and to hold a party to induct Hefty into their tribe.

Clumsy Smurf's Dragonfly

Clumsy and Blossom are witnessing Stormy training on her dragonfly Spitfire, leading to Clumsy wanting his own dragonfly, and after a dangerous sounding of how to gain the trust of one, Clumsy asks if they can go to the nests. Blossom refuses it at first, saying that Smurfwillow forbids it. But she agrees to only see and not get close, so they come to the nests of the dragonflies, with Blossom warning that it is the nesting period so the mother dragonflies are nervous. Clumsy notices that only one dragonfly has one egg which is odd since they usually have several eggs. Blossom insists on heading back, but as she talks, she fails to notice Clumsy climbing too close to the single egg dragonfly, and when she finally notices, Blossom makes the mistake of calling out, and Clumsy falls into the nest and angers the mother. Clumsy holds on for dear life as the mother dragonfly tries to shake him off, and as a result, she bumps into the nest and loses her only egg! She tries to make a dive for her egg, but doesn't make it in time as it falls into the river...along with Clumsy! Luckily Clumsy swims down to retrieve the egg, but the river current is too strong as it carries them into a dark cavern. Blossom, horrified at the events, runs back to Smurfy Grove to alert Smurfwillow. Meanwhile in the dark underground cavern, Clumsy regains consciousness at the sight of the glowing egg, cold and scared. However, his situation is made worse with the appearance of giant, hungry, rats! Clumsy runs all the way until he trips down a steep embankment. Getting his bearings again, Clumsy is happy to see the egg is unharmed and was right by a small passageway leading out of the caverns. After hours of climbing, the accident-prone Smurf is finally in the daylight again and so now has to make his way back to the dragonfly nests. After a near miss with another living plant, Clumsy then comes upon a bramble forest with no way around it. But even after a little while of crossing through the sharp brambles, when Clumsy is just about to give up, luck shines upon Clumsy once again as the egg hatches and a little yellow baby dragonfly is born! As the mother dragonfly mopes about losing her egg, an "Eek!" is heard. While Clumsy is being carried by the baby dragonfly, the mother is flying towards them and Clumsy feared the worst, but the mother dragonfly is overjoyed that Clumsy brought home her baby and gives them a warm hug! On the ground, the rescue team (consisting of Blossom, Hefty, Brainy, and Smurfstorm) arrive only to see that Clumsy no longer needs help and has made new friends. Now Clumsy has his own dragonfly: the grown yellow dragonfly he named Looping.

The Squash Smurfs

Smurfwillow takes their new friends to their squash field where the harvest was taking place, explaining that the squashes are a part of their diet just like sarsaparilla is for the Smurfs of Smurf Village. But the cheerful tour is interrupted by one of the girls rushing up shouting that the "Squash Smurfer" has returned and has destroyed a part of their harvest. Willow explains that for some time now, a mysterious animal had been breaking into their fields and destroying their hard work. Smurfette suggests that they should lay a trap, to which Willow agrees wholeheartedly, and so sends out Smurfstorm to gather the necessary material. Some time later a trap has been made; a pile of squash has a hidden tripwire under the pile, and once it's tripped, a trap cage will fall upon whoever's been wreaking their work. As night falls, the girls and Team Smurf hide in the dark bushes while waiting for the mysterious "Squash Smurfer" to appear, until finally the trap has been sprung! The large group charges toward the cage and came upon a blue, fierce looking monster, confusing Willow as she had never ever seen a creature such as that, but the monster soon breaks out of its cage and becomes even more enraged by Blossom's attempt at "calming" it down (by tossing a spear at it). Thankfully, Willow covers one of Stormy's arrows with a specially made powerful sleeping powder, and with expert aim, Stormy manages to hit it and the blue monster is knocked out. After bringing the monster now named Growler back to the Grove on bamboo stretchers, they all tie it to the post, and Willow calls for a council meeting to decide its fate. Unfortunately, none of the girls are taking the matter seriously and chat girl gossip instead to the annoyance of Willow. But now one of the girls standing guard calls that the Growler had reawakened and is now howling differently than before. Willow suspects that it must be a call, and her suspicions are proven to be correct as a whole tribe of them ambush the girl Smurfs and begin to destroy the village! Hefty thinks quickly and drags Stormy to help him carry one of the beehives containing the Grove's bees. Heaving the hive, it is smashed in the midst of the Growlers, stinging them and finally routing them out of the Village. They soon discover that during the chaos, the Growlers had nonetheless freed their fellow Growler, and now Willow voices her concerns that they may not have seen the last of those vicious Growlers.

A Smurflily Strange World

The story starts with Smurflily being called into Smurfwillow's tree hut, asking for an explanation of how Smurfette said that Lily lost her Smurf hat when she first encountered her and became slightly miffed that Lily broke the rule of not smurfing to the other side of the wall and had never told her (with Smurfstorm agreeing how it was just like her). But Lily nervously begins telling the full story of how it happened: Smurflily was on a training flight with a very clumsy dragonfly and when they came too close to the wall, Lily lost control of the dragonfly and fell into the forest below. After a hectic climb down including an attack with a certain Smurf-eating flower, Lily spotted her dragonfly and tried calling it but to no avail. So she decided to make the track home, though after some time of aimless walking and getting an unwanted kiss from the Kissing Plant, Lily found herself at the foot of the wall. Exhausted and disappointed with finding out she walked in a big circle, Lily decided to rest by the wall, but after a little time of napping, she was once again attacked by a Serpent-Plant with an incredibly long stalk. It chased Lily into the wall tunnel and soon came to the Smurf Forest on the other side. With the Serpent-Plant now finally reached the limit of its stalk at the exit of the tunnel, Smurflily suddenly heard the shouts of Smurfette crashing into the nearby bushes, taking a look and shocking the blue-haired female, believing at first to be a dream. Lily rushed back to the tunnel, and angry to see that the carnivorous plant was still there, she smacked it with her cap and finally tossed a rock into its open jaw. Leaving her cap, Lily crossed the tunnel and made it safely back into the Enchanted Forest and finally found a path leading back to Smurfy Grove. Finishing her tale, Willow decides to excuse Lily for breaking the rule, but Stormy at first demands to seal up the hole, believing it to be a danger, only for Lily to counter with the fact that without the hole, they would've never met the Smurfs of Smurf Village. Willow agrees to leave it open, but only under the promise of not going near it or going across it again until further notice.

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