Smurfs Smurftastic Journey
Smurfs: Smurftastic Journey
DistributorWarner Home Video
FormatDVD Region 1
Number of discs1

Smurftastic Journey is a single-disc DVD released for North America from October 15th, 2013 by Warner Home Video. It features six episodes from the first season. (which were also previously featured on The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 1 and The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 2 DVDs)


  1. The Astro Smurf
  2. Painter And Poet
  3. Paradise Smurfed
  4. Supersmurf
  5. Dreamy's Nightmare
  6. All That Glitters Isn't Smurf


  • Although this DVD was yet to be released in October, Walmart had several copies of this DVD in a five dollar bin a few months earlier.
  • The cover of this DVD features an orange-skinned Swoof, whereas in the cartoon show the Swoofs are green.

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