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Smurfs: Just Smurfy 3 (Region 4 DVD)

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Smurfs: Just Smurfy 3
DistributorMagna Video Entertainment
FormatDVD Region 4

Smurfs: Just Smurfy 3 is a DVD box set released from December 2010 by Magna Home Entertainment, featuring 13 episodes from the third season of the Smurfs cartoon show - along with a Smurfette figurine.


  1. The Tear Of A Smurf
  2. All Hallows' Eve (Smurfs Halloween Special)
  3. A Chip Off The Old Smurf
  4. Lumbering Smurfs
  5. A Hovel Is Not A Home
  6. Hefty's Heart
  7. To Smurf A Thief
  8. The Noble Stag
  9. Forget Me Smurfs
  10. Handy's Sweetheart
  11. Willpower Smurfs
  12. Clumsy Luck
  13. Greedy and the Porridge Pot

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