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Smurfs: Just Smurfy 2
DistributorMagna Video Entertainment
FormatDVD Region 4

Smurfs: Just Smurfy 2 is a DVD box set released from November 2010 by Magna Home Entertainment, featuring featuring 12 episodes from the third season of the Smurfs cartoon show, as well as the 1982 Christmas Special - along with a Greedy Smurf figurine.


  1. The Smurfs Christmas Special
  2. April Smurf's Day
  3. The Smurf Fire Brigade
  4. The Winged Wizard
  5. Hats Off To Smurfs
  6. No Time For Smurfs
  7. The Golden Smurf Award
  8. The Chief Record Smurf
  9. Good Neighbor Smurf
  10. A Little Smurf Confidence
  11. Hogatha's Heart Throb
  12. A Bell For Azrael
  13. The Magic Earrings

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