Smurfs: Complete Season 5
DistributorMagna Video Entertainment
FormatDVD Region 4
Number of discs3

Smurfs: Complete Season 5 is a three-disc DVD set released from December 2011 by Magna Home Entertainment for Australia and New Zealand, featuring all the episodes from the fifth season as well as "Smurfily Ever After" special.


Disc 1:

  1. Smurfily Ever After (special)
  2. The Smurflings
  3. Mud Wrestling Smurfs
  4. Sassette
  5. Papa's Flying Bed
  6. He Who Smurfs Last
  7. Puppy
  8. The Masked Pie Smurfer
  9. Smurf A Mile In My Shoes
  10. The Sand Witch (A.K.A. Beach Blanket Smurfs)
  11. Dreamy's Pen Pals
  12. Kow Tow, We Won't Bow
  13. Stuck On Smurfs
  14. Educating Bigmouth

Disc 2:

  1. Wild And Wooly
  2. Queen Smurfette
  3. The Grouchiest Game In Town
  4. The Great Slime Crop Failure
  5. The Dark Ness Monster
  6. Bigmouth's Friend
  7. Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals
  8. Happy Unhappiness Day To You
  9. Papa's Day Off
  10. Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates
  11. Mutiny On The Smurf
  12. Things That Go Smurf In The Night
  13. Brainy's Smarty Party
  14. Alarming Smurfs

Disc 3:

  1. The Comet Is Coming
  2. Papa's Puppy Prescription
  3. Poet's Writer's Block
  4. Love Those Smurfs
  5. The Mr. Smurf Contest
  6. Smurfette's Rose
  7. They're Smurfing Our Song
  8. Papa's Family Album
  9. Unsound Smurfs
  10. Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?
  11. Gargamel's Time Trip
  12. All Work And No Smurf
  13. Baby's First Word

Background Information

  • While The Smurflings and Puppy episodes are both in chronological order on the DVD set, Mud Wrestling Smurfs and Sassette are mixed-up, in which case - Sassette appears in the episode before her debut episode, meaning the viewers would not know who she is.

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