Smurfs Season 4 UK DVD
Smurfs: Complete Fourth Season
DistributorFabulous Films
FormatDVD Region 2
Number of discs4

Smurfs: Complete Fourth Season is a UK DVD set released by Fabulous Films in July 2013, featuring all 28 episodes from the fourth season of the Smurfs cartoon show.



  1. The Pussywillow Pixies
  2. Gargamel's Giant
  3. The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle
  4. The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf
  5. Jokey's Shadow
  6. The Incredible Shrinking Wizard
  7. The Secret Of Shadow Swamp
  8. Smurfiplication
  9. Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow
  10. The Traveler
  11. The Man In The Moon
  12. A Pet For Baby Smurf
  13. Symbols Of Wisdom


  1. The Gingerbread Smurfs
  2. Secret Of The Village Well
  3. A Circus For Baby
  4. A Float Full Of Smurfs
  5. Stop And Smurf The Roses
  6. Jokey's Funny Bone
  7. Gargamel's Miss-Fortune
  8. Tick Tock Smurfs
  9. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer
  10. Hopping Cough Smurfs
  11. Smurfette's Golden Tresses
  12. Monster Smurfs


  1. Smurf On Wood
  2. Smurf The Other Cheek
  3. The Trojan Smurf
  4. The Patchwork Bear
  5. Smurfette's Sweet Tooth
  6. The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes
  7. Tailor's Magic Needle
  8. Breakfast At Greedy's
  9. Petrified Smurfs
  10. The Big Nose Dilemma
  11. Papa's Worry Warts
  12. The Smurfomatic Smurfolator
  13. Lazy's Slumber Party
  14. The Smurfbox Derby


  1. The Master Smurf
  2. Blue Eyes Returns
  3. Babes In Wartland
  4. The Smurfwalk Cafe
  5. The Bad Place
  6. Bigmouth Smurf
  7. The Smurfiest Of Friends
  8. Baby's Enchanted Didey
  9. Smurfing For Ghosts


  • 'I Smurf The Smurfs' Documentary (Taken from The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 2 DVD)
  • A 12-minute feature of 'The Smurfs' info (Text scrolling from bottom to top)


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