Smurfs 3-Pack Of Fun DVD Cover

Smurfs 3-Pack Of Fun DVD back cover

Smurfs: 3-Pack Of Fun
DistributorWarner Home Video
FormatDVD Region 1
Number of discs3

Smurfs: 3-Pack Fun is a 3-disc DVD released for North America from Warner Home Video in March 2013, feautring 24 episodes from the previous DVDs released by the same company.


  1. The Smurf's Apprentice
  2. The Smurfette
  3. Vanity Fare
  4. King Smurf
  5. The Astro Smurf
  6. Jokey's Medicine
  7. St. Smurf And The Dragon
  8. Sorcerer Smurf
  9. The Smurfs And The Howlibird
  1. The Magic Egg
  2. Smurfette's Dancing Shoes
  3. Supersmurf
  4. The Baby Smurf
  5. The Fake Smurf
  6. Paradise Smurfed
  7. Sir Hefty
  8. The Purple Smurfs
  9. Haunted Smurfs
  10. Sideshow Smurfs
  1. Smurf Van Winkle
  2. Revenge Of The Smurfs
  3. Magic Fountain
  4. Smurf Me No Flowers
  5. The Cursed Country

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