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Title Translation of
Smurfing The Unicorns
FrenchLa Quête de la licorne
SpanishEn busca del unicornio mágico
GermanDas verschlumpfte Einhorn
ItalianL'unicorno magico
DutchOp smurf naar de eenhoorn

"Smurfing The Unicorns" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary


Don't mess with the Smurfs and a unicorn!

It is a hot day in the Smurf Forest, and Grandpa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, Nat, and Puppy are traveling through it, with Grandpa collapsing on a mushroom and Brainy settling down by a tree, wondering why he even volunteered to go on this expedition. Smurfette and Nat reminds Brainy that it was his turn to collect summer roots for Papa Smurf. Grandpa Smurf and Brainy are both feeling the effects of dehydration, with Grandpa's mouth being so dry he can barely even repeat what he was saying. Puppy sees what appears to be a puddle of water ahead, and so quickly goes to the puddle to lap it up. But Grandpa notices the appearance of the water as he shoos Puppy away from the puddle and tackles Brainy before he takes a sip of it, saying that the water is tainted. This makes Nat concerned for Puppy as he calls out the dog's name, to which he responds but soon ends up lying down, looking really sick. Grandpa Smurf says that it must be the tainted water Puppy drank that did this, and so he scoops up some of the water in a bottle and tells Nat to stay with Puppy while he, Brainy, and Smurfette take the water sample to Papa Smurf.

Back in the village, the Smurfs are all impatiently waiting for Papa Smurf's response as he examines the water sample. He comes out with an open book, saying that the situation is worse than he feared. The book says that if the water isn't purified by the magic horn of a unicorn, Puppy could die. He goes on to read from the book that the unicorn's horn has the power to purify anything it touches, and that wizards and kings have sought the unicorn for ages. Grandpa Smurf remembers finding a unicorn in the Land Of Mists about 200 years ago. Papa Smurf asks him if he thinks he could find the unicorn again, and Grandpa Smurf says he can.

While Papa Smurf leads a group of Smurfs out into the forest to make Puppy feel comfortable during his illness, Grandpa Smurf takes Brainy and Smurfette out to the Land of Mists to find the elusive unicorn. Brainy complains about why he even volunteered to go on the mission, and Smurfette says Papa Smurf made him go on it. Grandpa Smurf finds a tree to climb up onto to get a better look of the area, and while Brainy scoffs at the idea of unicorns even existing, Grandpa falls back down and points his cane to the one he sees drinking water from a spring. As the three Smurfs watch the unicorn, Grandpa Smurf says that they are mighty skittish about leaving the forest since wizards have been hunting them. Smurfette volunteers to be the one who will talk to the unicorn, with Grandpa warning her to be careful.

The unicorn looks at Smurfette rather cautiously as she approaches him and tries to ask for his help. He begins to bolt away from Smurfette, but when she says that if he doesn't help to purify the water, then Puppy would die, the unicorn pauses in his steps as if to consider her request. Smurfette begins to sob in her pleas to the unicorn, and Brainy and Grandpa come over to comfort Smurfette, with Brainy saying maybe they will find a unicorn with a heart. But the unicorn returns to Smurfette, butting Brainy away with his horn, and nods to her, saying that he will help. Smurfette expresses her gratitude for the unicorn's favorable response, while Brainy just groans his "thank you".

Elsewhere in the forest, Scruple is waiting high on a tree, holding out a sack with contents that make him hold his nose because of the smell. He soon hears a noise and almost falls from the tree when he sees the three Smurfs walking with a unicorn. He decides to jump down from the tree and ride off with the unicorn, which makes Smurfette worried, but Grandpa sees that the unicorn has Scruple, as he barely has control of the unicorn. The animal comes to a stop, and Scruple thinks he has the unicorn under his control, but then he bucks the young apprentice off his back and kicks him with his hind hooves far over the treetops. Grandpa Smurf is so pleased with how the unicorn dealt with Scruple that he says he could surely use the animal on the smurfball team.

At Gargamel's hovel, Scruple tries to convince his master that he has seen the unicorn and has actually rode the animal. Gargamel responds in great disbelief with a flying kick in Scruple's seat, telling the young boy to stop horsing around and to bring him his root rot. Scruple is so disgusted that for once he was telling the truth and his master didn't believe him. Then he sees an ordinary white horse grazing in the forest and mistakes it for the unicorn, saying this will convince Gargamel that his story is true.

Back at the camp in the forest where Puppy is being tended to by the Smurfs, Papa Smurf takes the dog's temperature and sees that his fever is rising. He tells Clumsy to go back to the village to get him more towels. As he returns with the towels, he thinks that he sees that Scruple has captured the unicorn, not realizing that it is an ordinary white horse that the boy had glued a fake horn on its forehead. Nevertheless, Clumsy goes to tell Papa Smurf about it.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is making up a list of chores for Scruple to do when the apprentice returns riding what appears to be a unicorn. The evil wizard sees the animal and then tears up the list, wondering how he could ever doubt the boy's claim as he goes over to the animal and rubs its horn, commanding the creature to go and bring him some Smurfs. However, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, and Handy have followed the fake unicorn to Gargamel's hovel and were watching it through the window when they slip on the log they were standing on and fall into the lair through the window. Scruple is in total disbelief as he sees that, despite the unicorn being fake, Gargamel's wish had come true with three Smurfs now in his grasp.

Back at the camp, Nat hopes that Papa Smurf would come back soon when Grandpa Smurf, Smurfette, and Brainy arrive on the back of the real unicorn. Granpda directs the unicorn to the puddle of tainted water, and the other Smurfs watch as he sticks his horn into the water and it turns bright and clear. Grandpa scoops up a bowl of the fresh water and feeds it to Puppy, which starts to revive him. The Smurfs cheer for the unicorn, and Hefty says that now they won't need the other unicorn that they have spotted with Scruple. This makes the unicorn recoil at the thought of another unicorn being ridden by a human. Grandpa Smurf says that they need to rescue the other unicorn from Gargamel, and so he leaves Nat to take care of Puppy by feeding him the purified water while he and a few others take the unicorn to Gargamel's castle.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is preparing to have Smurfs for dinner as Scruple mopes at the thought of his unicorn ruse not working until he sees the real unicorn charging straight for the hovel, looking really steamed. He crashes through the door and makes Gargamel and Azrael duck under a table for safety as the three captured Smurfs cheer. Gargamel tells Scruple to rub the horn of their unicorn to wish the other one to go away, but as Scruple tries to grab the horn of the fake unicorn, he uses his rear hooves to kick the young boy high up into the rafters. With a few poundings on the table with the horn, the real unicorn opens the cage and the three Smurfs climb onto the unicorn's back to make their escape. After they leave, Gargamel tries to rub the horn of his unicorn, but the horn breaks off, and Scruple realizes that his ruse has been revealed as his master angrily chases him out into the forest with the fake unicorn horn.

Out in the forest, the Smurfs see that Puppy is now alive and healthy again, and Papa Smurf says to the unicorn that they wish to express their thanks to him. The unicorn leans down toward Smurfette as she gives him a warm hug and Puppy gives him a friendly lick. The animal rears up on its hind legs, feeling very happy as the Smurfs make their farewells to him.


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