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Title Translation of
Smurfette's Golden Tresses
FrenchLes Cheveux d'or de la Schtroumpfette
SpanishLa Caballera Dorada de Pitufina
GermanSchlumpfines goldene Locken
ItalianLe trecce di Puffetta
DutchDe lokken van Smurfin

"Smurfette's Golden Tresses" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Smurfette Shorn

Hell hath no fury like a Smurfette shorn.

Papa Smurf is in Barber's shop getting his beard trimmed by the village hair cutter, with Barber telling Papa Smurf that he's going to like the latest style, even though the end result of his beard trimming doesn't look any different than when Papa Smurf first stepped into the shop. Then Smurfette comes in looking rather gloomy, saying that she's tired of looking smurfy and that she needs a new hair style. Barber is willing to give her just what she wants, even though Papa Smurf says that Smurfette's hair looks fine just the way it is. Nonetheless, Barber takes her through several different styles, none of which Smurfette likes, until she is left with her original hair style. Barber finally confesses that maybe Papa Smurf is right, that there's just no way he can ever improve on perfection. Smurfette sighs and thanks Barber for the help anyway.

Meanwhile, Hogatha in her castle is all excited over the wizard who's coming to take her on a date, saying that he doesn't just love her for her witchly power, but also for who she is and how she looks. She goes into her closet to find something suitable to wear, only to find that moths have been feasting on her clothes, but then she realizes that she is a witch, so she uses her powers to make some suitable clothes appear on her. Next she switches her usual orange wig for a blond beehive wig, saying that she's such a honey. As she finds herself ready to meet her date, Lizardo instantly appears, kissing her hand as he compliments her on her beauty. Hogatha asks Lizardo if they will take her vulture out to where they will have their picnic, and Lizardo says he already has his ride waiting for them outside. Hogatha allows her date to do the honors as they both transport out of the castle.

Smurfette greets Poet and Hefty together doing their own things, with Poet writing his poetry and Hefty lifting his barbells. Hefty was telling Smurfette that he was just telling Poet that he should exercise. Smurfette says that's what Hefty always says and does, and then goes on to say that every Smurf always does what they normally do and that nothing changes. As she goes off somewhere, Poet feels that a poem might help cheer her up, while Hefty simply suggests that she should exercise.

Out in the forest, Lizardo asks his date how she enjoyed her ride over the mountains, and Hogatha disguises the fact that her ride was rather painful by complimenting on it. Lizardo then proceeds to romance the witch, saying that there's nothing out in their picnic spot but the birds and the bees. But as he mentions the bees, a few of them start buzzing around Hogatha's head until she is bothered by a whole swarm of them, all attracted to her beehive, causing her to dive into the pond. Lizardo asks Hogatha if she's all right, and she emerges from the water with her beehive wig gone. He is aghast at the sight of his date being as bald as a boulder and instantly transports himself and his reptilian ride away. Hogatha is upset that she lost both her hair and her date.

Returning to her castle, Hogatha looks in her books for a formula that she can use to give her beautiful hair to wear and finds one, requiring her to obtain the locks of hair from the person that she wishes to wear. She wonders who besides Lizardo would have such beautiful hair that she could wear, and then realizes that Smurfette has beautiful hair. Hogatha goes out into the forest to plant a seed that would produce a plant that would help trap Smurfette and get the hair that she desires to wear.

Soon, as Poet entertains Smurfette with a poem to help make her feel better about herself, the maiden Smurf sees the beautiful plant and goes over to pick it, only to find that she can't let go of it. Poet tries to pull Smurfette away from the plant, but realizes that he isn't strong enough to do so, regretting that he should have listened to Hefty's advice. Then Hogatha emerges from hiding with a shovel to hit Poet with, but Poet lets go and avoids getting hit as he runs to the village to get help.

Hogatha brings Smurfette to her castle where she puts the blue beauty inside a terrarium and sprays a bit of formula to release her from the plant. The witch tells Smurfette that she needs a lock of her golden hair and then hands a pair of scissors for her to use. Smurfette will only offer just a small lock of hair, but Hogatha insists on having all of her hair, saying that the formula for giving Hogatha natural hair requires it, and demands her captive Smurf to give her the hair or else she will turn the little Smurfette into a frog. She then flies off on her vulture to gather the other ingredients for the formula and leaves Smurfette to her predicament.

Poet returns to the village, and Hefty thinks that Poet has taken his advice on jogging, but he only ran to tell Papa Smurf -- or at least try to tell Papa Smurf -- that Smurfette has been captured by Hogatha. The name of the witch is all Papa Smurf needs to hear to motivate him and his little Smurfs into action. Soon he, Hefty, Poet, and Barber are at Hogatha's castle, climbing in through the window to find Smurfette in the terrarium forced to cut her own hair. After Smurfette tells Papa Smurf what Hogatha wants, he has Poet and Hefty look out for the witch while Barber cuts off enough fur from the bearskin rug on the floor, dyeing it yellow so that it would appear as Smurfette's hair. Papa Smurf tells Smurfette to hide her hair under her hat, and as she asks what if Hogatha won't let her go, he tells Smurfette that once the witch uses the bear hair in her formula, it will be easy for Smurfette to escape.

Soon the witch returns, and the other Smurfs go into hiding as Hogatha prepares to receive the hair from Smurfette's head for her formula. Smurfette hands over the hair and pleads for the witch to let her go, but Hogatha refuses to do so, saying that she might sell her to Gargamel or do something else with her. The witch prepares the formula using the hair and pours it on her head, feeling a tingling sensation as she notices that it's starting to work. But then the hair grows so long and thick that it covers Hogatha entirely, preventing her from seeing the Smurfs come out of hiding to get Smurfette out of the terrarium or using her magical powers to strike her targets.

As Hogatha blindly zaps at everything in her castle, the Smurfs make a run for the village, with Poet telling Hefty that he is right about him being out of shape. Hefty offers Poet his exercise program, which Poet gladly accepts as he follows his friend in a healthy jog back to the village.

Background Information

  • One of two episodes in which Barber Smurf appears, the other being "Symbols Of Wisdom".


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