Smurfette's Dancing Shoes
Smurfette's dancing shoes
CreatorThe Imp
PurposeEnables or forces its wearer to dance
First AppearanceSeason 1, "Smurfette's Dancing Shoes"

Cartoon Icon

Smurfette's dancing shoes were a pair of magical dancing shoes that were given to Smurfette by a greedy imp in the episode "Smurfette's Dancing Shoes". It enabled Smurfette to dance with incredible talent effortlessly; however, it also bound her to the imp that gave the shoes to her in exchange for her being his wife, making her unable to escape.

The shoes also couldn't be removed except through a magic spell. Papa Smurf used magic to remove the shoes from Smurfette's feet and place them on both the imp's feet and the feet of his guardian gargoyles, causing them to dance uncontrollably.

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