Smurfette old
Smurfette as she appears in the comic books, in her stereotypical pose of femurs rotated internally in the hip socket to bring the knees together.

Smurfette Cartoon 3
Smurfette as she appears in the cartoon show, her feet were changed to point outwards in a more masculine posture.

Movie Smurfette
Smurfette as she appears in the 2011 movie.

Smurfette 2017Movie
Smurfette in the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village

OccupationBeautician, Nurturer
AlignmentFormerly evil, later good
Voice ActorLucille Bliss (cartoon)
Katy Perry (The Smurfs, The Smurfs 2)
Melissa Sturm (The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol and The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow)
Demi Lovato (Smurfs: The Lost Village)
First AppearanceThe Smurfette (comic book)
Season 1, "The Astro Smurf" (Television Episode)
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Live-Action Movie Series
Smurf Games
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Name Translation of Smurfette

Comics IconCartoon IconFilm IconSmurfs Village IconCGI Film Icon

For other uses, see Smurfette (disambiguation)

Smurfette (original French name Schtroumpfette) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic book series and cartoon show, who has appeared on the show throughout its entire run, appearing as the first female Smurf.


She was the only female Smurf who appeared on the show until Season 5, when she was joined by a young female Smurfling named Sassette, and then later in Season 8 when she was joined by an elderly female Smurf named Nanny, and then even later, Vexy from The Smurfs 2 joins as well. She's basically everyone's favorite Smurf in the village.

Role in the Village

At first, Peyo intended her to be only a minor character, but due to some demands, she became one of the main cast.

At first, her main role is as a love interest to the Smurfs, but as the show went on, she became more involved in the program's storylines as a normal character, rather than just 'to be there'. She is seen performing productive jobs including watering flowers, taking care of pets and forest animals, often being a main resource in helping others or getting others out of life-threatening situations, and also occasionally looking after Baby Smurf (though this is usually a task more taken on by Papa Smurf). Like all the other Smurfs, she can also be seen doing her morning chores, and helping out in the village on projects such as fixing the village dam, and organizing various events, such as Laconia's wedding.


Smurfette was created by Gargamel, which explains her original position as the only female Smurf in the village. There is no such thing as a natural Smurfette (all original Smurfs were are male identified), and they must be created. Originally, since Smurfettes are not "Smurfs", when one is created, they are very rude until they have a Smurfy spell cast on them.

Her origins are explained in "The Smurfette", when Gargamel thought that a girl would cause jealousy and hatred among the usually happy Smurfs. This would have worked, however, Smurfette was unappealing to the other Smurfs based on her previous appearance.

Gargamel then released her into the forest, where she was found by Hefty Smurf and taken to the village. She was given a house, some furniture, and was ready to start her plan. While the Smurfs did not fight over her as Gargamel intended, they were at least courteous and respectful, presumably because her appearance did not cause attraction but the other Smurfs were at least being kind to her as she was one of their own.

Becoming a Real Smurf

Smurfette had a number of problems, beginning with her lack of acceptance as a real Smurf. She was also found to be a troublemaker in the beginning, causing many problems for the village. Most of these problems were orchestrated, as she used a makeup compact kit that was in actuality a transponder. Smurfette used the makeup mirror to say "Calling all wizard, Gargamel", and Gargamel would respond at his headquarters giving orders as to what kind of sabotage she should perform in Smurf Village.

It wasn't until she nearly flooded the village that she was put on trial for her misdeeds. At this point the pressure got to her and she began to have second thoughts. She admitted to have been working for Gargamel, and so Papa Smurf agreed to make her a Smurf (He used magic in the show, but plastic surgery in the comic).

After some waiting, out of Papa Smurf's lab appeared the new and improved Smurfette.

The new Smurfette is very different from the original in terms of looks and attitude. She is now blonde, wears a frilly dress, wears high-heels, and is kinder. In addition, the transformation made Smurfette's voice slightly higher and gave her a more feminine charm. This instantly caught the Smurfs' attention, which causes the chaos that Gargamel originally planned for. However, the other Smurfs learned to stop duking it out among themselves and let Smurfette be, going back to being respectful of her as a person.

Smurfette now lives in the village and is considered a Smurf.


Smurfette is sweet and often emotional, usually crying if something goes wrong, if she is lost on how to fix the situation. She's also instantly saddened if someone she cares for gets hurt.

Smurfette has occasionally been kidnapped (although this rarely happens in the course of the show), but there are times where she could actually get out of a mess all by herself. She has also proven herself to be one of the smartest Smurfs in the village, and is very independent, disliking it when the other Smurfs are too protective of her. On her own she has also saved her friends from Gargamel a number of times, such as in Smurfette Unmade, when she tied the ankles of Gargamel, Scruple, and Azrael together with a spare rope, causing them to trip altogether before they attacked; this allowed the other smurfs (including herself) time to flee the scene.

She enjoys children, company, and animals, yet despises messes. She hates getting dirty and is easily angered if her clothes are stained. She spends a lot of time talking about fashion issues, most often just by herself, or with Vanity Smurf.

Allegations of sexism

There have been many complaints over Smurfette's character. These complaints are mainly related to the fact that she was at one time the only female character in the series. Detractors of the character also state that she portrays women in a demeaning way.

The chapter/episode where she was introduced depicts Smurfette as not being a Smurf until Papa Smurf turns her into one. She is therefore treated very differently in the village until her change.

Another example of Smurfettes receiving different treatment than 'normal Smurfs' occurred when Nanny invited all the Smurfs to a picnic, but they claimed they were "too busy" to go, despite Papa Smurf having previously mentioned that Smurfs do everything for each other. This shows that the Smurfs had not accepted the Smurfettes as full Smurfs.

Before Papa Smurf changed Smurfette to a real Smurf, she had a very bad attitude, and was ignored by many of the Smurfs. After her transformation, she is seen as much nicer and more accepted. This may imply that beautiful, blonde women are nicer people and more likely to be accepted as full members of society.


La Grande Schtroumpfette

A new comic book, released in French on April 2, 2010, La Grande Schtroumpfette (translated as The Great Smurfette, Grand Schtroumpf being Papa Smurf's French name), however, depict her as tired of all the sexism she suffers of. To help her be respected among Smurfs, Papa Smurf leaves the village for a trip and gives Smurfette his authority in the meantime.

Definite article

There have been several instances where Smurfette has been referred to as "the Smurfette", more so in earlier episodes closer to her appearance. This could be interpreted as an instance of objectification of women, though it may simply refer to Smurfette being her classification (meaning 'female Smurf') as well as her name.

While this is a mere assumption on some parts, people have now referred to a situation where there is only one main female in a whole cast (or species) of males as "the Smurfette Principle".


Smurfette has at various points been the main love interest for all the Smurfs, excluding the Smurflings, Grandpa and Nanny.

Papa hasn't showed any romantic feelings for her since "Romeo And Smurfette" and has treated her like a daughter for the remainder of the series.

Handy's interest also waned due to his interest in Marina.

Over time, the Smurfs have gradually deemphasized their romantic affections for her, emphasizing friendship and more of a sister-like relationship. This may be an example of the Westermarck effect.

While she has claimed to love all the Smurfs equally, she has shown to have a bit more interaction with certain Smurfs and to dislike Brainy and his love for talking.

At times it was tough for her to live in an all-male village, but it became easier when Sassette came (they formed a sisterly relationship), and more so when they were joined by Nanny, who took on a motherly/grandmotherly role.

The Smurfs who have showed to care for her to a great extent are:

Smurfette has also been seen to get along with female human characters, like Andria, Brenda and Princess Savina among others. Smurfette is also friends with Blue Eyes, a small golden flying horse who lives with a leprechaun in the sky.

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either.

In the live-action movie series

No Tail Smurfette

A Smurfette with no tail?

The Smurfs

In the 2011 Smurfs movie, Smurfette is one of the few Smurfs that travel through time to modern-day New York City through the portal that opened during the blue moon in the Smurf forest. Her origin in the movie is based on the cartoon show version of "The Smurfette" in her explanation to Grace Winslow. The movie makes a notable change in Smurfette's personality in that she seems to be able to defend herself, being a skilled Hand-to-Hand combatant, and even actively confronts Azrael by herself in order to rescue Papa Smurf, whereas the cartoon show normally depicts her as a damsel in distress who needs constant rescuing by her fellow Smurfs. During her stay in the modern-day world, she befriends Patrick Winslow's wife Grace, and finds herself enamored by the various types of doll-sized dresses she could wear when she helps the other Smurfs find a "stargazer" in the FAO Schwarz toy store.

In promotional shots where Smurfette is seen from behind, she noticeably doesn't have a tail appear from outside her dress, which seems to be emphasizing her origin as a Smurf created by Gargamel, though it could be that she is showing a ladylike aversion to having a tail appear outside of her clothing. On the other hand, it could simply be an error on the part of the character model developers, as Smurfette in most of her cartoon appearances has her tail hidden behind her long blond hair. (For those arguing over whether Smurfette has a tail or not, the cartoon show episode "The Purple Smurfs" has Smurfette also turned into a Purple Smurf through the same mode of transmission as any other Smurf. For the most part of the franchise, Smurfette's tail is shapely covered by her undergarments as a viewer can watch for a very brief moment in the opening titles of the cartoon series.)

The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol

In the animated feature The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, Smurfette appears as the Smurf of Christmas Past, who shows Grouchy Smurf how happy he used to be when it came to Christmas, in the hopes that he would be able to regain the Christmas part he had lost when his hopes of getting a hang glider for Christmas were dashed by the fact that the only present he ever got every year was a Smurf hat.

Smurfette evil again?!?!

Smurfette evil again!?!?

The Smurfs 2

In The Smurfs 2, it is revealed that Smurfette was originally grey with black hair before she was changed into a Smurf. During the events of the movie, Smurfette was encouraged by her captors, the Naughties, to give their master the secret formula that would turn Naughties into Smurfs, though she ultimately was forced to do so when Gargamel refused to feed them with Smurf essence. Also in the movie, Smurfette's hair became shorter because Gargamel cut off the bottom parts of it to make Smurf essence to use for his magic show.

The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

In the animated feature The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow, Smurfette appears to help Gutsy rescue Brainy from a trap set up by Gargamel in Smurfy Hollow before dark, which is when the legends say the Headless Horseman comes to chase after those who are still in the hollow.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

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Papa Smurf Head

Smurfette is a lead character in Smurfs: The Lost Village, which recounts her origin as a creation of Gargamel's but introduces the conflict that-unlike her neighbors in Smurf Village-she doesn't know what her unique trait is. After a series of failed attempts to find it by working with the other Smurfs, she visits Brainy just as he is testing his new Smurfy Thing Finder on Hefty. She then asks him to try it on her, only for it to be burnt out by inexplicable energy; Brainy quickly attributes this to Smurfette not being "a real Smurf." To cheer her up, Hefty-who has an obvious crush on her throughout the film-suggests that they go Smurfboarding, during which Smurfette comes face to face with a mysterious masked figure that she determines is an unknown Smurf. Unfortunately, she is then captured by Monty, Gargamel's pet vulture, and taken back to his lair, where he manages to obtain from her a hat dropped by the mystery Smurf.

Fortunately Brainy, Hefty, and Clumsy manage to free Smurfette, and learn-as does Gargamel-that a second Smurf village is located somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. However, Papa Smurf refuses to consider letting them travel to it and grounds them all, something that Smurfette agrees with to the surprise of Papa and her friends. In reality, she uses the opportunity to sneak out of Smurf Village to head toward the Forbidden Forest on her own, only to find out that her three friends have followed her. Together they make their way over the dividing wall and encounter a number of strange flowers as well as a colony of Dragonflies, only to be intercepted by Gargamel and his pets. They are then forced to flee from the Dragonflies after Gargamel takes one of their eggs and throws it to Clumsy, and manage to take shelter in a network of underground tunnels.

After making their way out of the tunnels with help from some rabbits-including one whom Smurfette dubs Bucky-the quartet come to a river and make a raft, only to once again run into Gargamel. After a confrontation that leaves him, Azrael, and Monty sinking, Smurfette and Hefty insist on helping them despite Brainy's protests. Unfortunately, Gargamel repays their kindness by sweeping them off into the river, which Brainy angrily accosts Smurfette and Hefty for upon their coming to shore. However, the mystery Smurf from before and a group of it's fellows trap the group, and then reveal themselves to be Smurfettes-female Smurfs not created by Gargamel. The quartet are soon brought to the village of Smurfy Grove under the watchful eyes of Smurfstorm, Smurflily, and others, and are then introduced to the village matriarch Smurfwillow, who informs them that there are no male Smurfs in this village.

Thinking the village safe from Gargamel after learning that an image depicted by his magic was of three waterfalls rather than three trees as he believed, Smurfette and her friends-minus Clumsy, who is taken away by Smurfstorm to insure that Gargamel is truly no longer a threat-are welcomed into the village. Smurfette quickly grows to like it and being able to spend time with other female Smurfs for a change, so much so that she is reluctant to leave. However, Smurfstorm confronts her upon her return, having learned of her origins from Clumsy; the Smurfettes then capture Papa Smurf when he arrives in search of Smurfette and her friends. Gargamel then arrives and uses his Freeze Balls to capture all of the Smurfs except Smurfette, mockingly proclaiming that she has served her purpose before departing to drain her friends of their magic. A despondent Smurfette is left with no idea of what to do, until Snappy helps her see how she can stop Gargamel.

Traveling to Gargamel's castle, Smurfette claims that she wishes to become evil again and offers to tell Gargamel where he can find Smurf Village, thus doubling his newly acquired magical power, in exchange for being returned to her evil original form. Gargamel agrees, but as with the Smurfy Thing Finder Smurfette absorbs the magical energy, and with help from Hefty and Brainy is able to defeat Gargamel and return the magic to her friends. However, the process causes her to return to her original form as a lump of clay, with no apparent means to restoring her to life; she is then carried back to Smurf Village by Hefty where both the Smurfs and Smurfettes gather to mourn her. However, their inherent magic comes together to revive her, and she is happily greeted by Clumsy and Hefty before the rest of the Smurfs realize her return. The now united populations of Smurfs then celebrate with a massive dance party.

Smurf Videogames

Smurfette hut

Smurfette's hut in Smurfs' Village game.

The Smurfs Travel The World

In the game, she is one of the Smurfs that the player can choose to control. (The other one is a male Smurf.) There are no difference between them as far as skills go.

The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound

She is one of the Smurfs that can be unlocked in the beginning of the game which the player can unlock her in level 2. She has a flower shop for the player to craft items.

Smurfs' Village

In the Smurfs' Village game, she has owned a house which costs 30 smurfberries in the mainland. Once the players bought it, she would appear and gives XP to players. Her hut is available in mountain, Planet Swoof, the island region with 35, 30 and 30 smurfberries respectively. Her outfit can also be changed into prehistoric style and Egyptian style in island and Planet Swoof respectively by purchasing additional items.

Smurf Life

She appears in the the game as to help the player to grow flowers which is a material to make potion.

Smurfette’s Magic Match

She is the main character in the game as the player has to help her complete the levels and save the Smurfs. Also players can dress her with different clothes purchased.

The Smurfs Epic Run

She appears in the game as an unlockable character in step 59. It costs 90,000 coins she has the ability to glide.

There is also Princess Smurfette, which is unlocked with real money, who has the ability to stomp and rainbow permanently also available.

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  • Smurfette has been forced to marry various kinds of creatures throughout the show. These creatures range from Gnomes ("Gnoman Holiday" and "Smurfette For A Day") to an Imp ("Smurfette's Dancing Shoes").
  • Smurfette has had a few short-lived crushes throughout the show, such as the Smurf story character "Don Smurfo" and Sir Lancelot in "The Smurfs of the Round Table".
  • She is one of the most recognizable Smurf characters, along with Papa Smurf and others.
  • Her character in the cartoon show was voiced by the late voice-acting veteran Lucille Bliss.
  • Smurfette is voiced by Katy Perry in the 2011 live-action movie and its 2013 sequel. On the official site for the live action film, on the soundboard, one of the quotes is "I kissed a Smurf and I liked it." - which is a reference to a single of her voice actor, Katy Perry.
  • Smurfette is voiced by Melissa Sturm (who provided voice work in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs) in The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol and The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow video features.
  • Chronologically speaking as far as Smurf history goes, Smurfette is actually not the first Smurfette, but rather Nanny is, or possibly the Smurfettes from Smurfs: The Lost Village.
  • Smurfette appears as a smurfling in "Smurf van Winkle", although she looks nothing like Sassette.
  • In both the comics and cartoon show, Smurfette didn't speak the Smurf language before she was transformed into a real Smurf.
  • Even though Brainy's intelligence can get on her nerves, she still cares about him and hates when the other Smurfs (including Hefty) are mean to him.
  • Smurfette is voiced by Demi Lovato in The Lost Village, where she appears to also be the main protagonist.

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