Smurfy Air Conditioner
The air conditioner that ended up becoming the smurf cream maker

Smurf Cream
The dessert that came from the smurf cream maker

Smurf cream maker
CreatorHandy Smurf, Greedy Smurf
PurposeOriginally intended to be an air conditioner, became a confectionery producer
First AppearanceSeason 5

Cartoon Icon

Smurf cream is a frozen dessert that was accidentally created by both Handy and Greedy Smurf in the cartoon show episode "The Smurfwalk Cafe". Handy was busy building an air conditioner when Greedy came into the workshop carrying a big bowl of smurfberries and cream. Greedy slipped on a block of wood, which caused the smurfberries and cream to be dumped into the ice in the air conditioner. When Handy and Greedy noticed a creamy icy confection coming out of the machine, they both had a taste and realized that they have created an entirely new treat together. As a result, Handy's air conditioner became a smurf cream maker.

The dessert was first served to the other Smurfs when Handy and Greedy had set up the Smurfwalk Cafe, and became instantly popular as the other Smurfs also enjoyed the taste of the new dessert. However, when Handy and Greedy ended up arguing over who should get credit for the invention of smurf cream, which resulted in the closing of the Smurfwalk Cafe, they both attempted to run their own separate cafes serving their own versions of smurf cream. However, without each other, Handy's smurf cream tasted like sawdust because Handy wasn't a chef, and Greedy's smurf cream came out of his machine looking like goop because Greedy wasn't an inventor. At the end of the episode, Handy and Greedy both realized that smurf cream wouldn't be smurf cream without each other.

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