Smurf Smasher
Smurf Smasher
PurposeDestroying Smurfs
First AppearanceSeason 6

Cartoon Icon

Not be confused with another invention, Smurf Masher.

The Smurf Smasher was an invention Gargamel had created in the cartoon show episode "Handy's Window Vision". It basically was a drill that would grind whatever is on the platform below it into dust. However, when Gargamel first tried out this invention, it fell apart, as the stone used for the drill bit wasn't hard enough to withstand the pressure.

In his search for a crystal that would be hard enough to use as the drill bit, Gargamel came across one of the receiving crystals that were used in Handy's window vision invention and, through Nat Smurfling's nature walk program that was showing on it, found his way to the Smurf Village. There he not only captured every single Smurf except for Papa Smurf, Lazy, and Brainy, but he also found the transmitting crystal which turned out to be suitable enough for the Smurf Smasher drill bit.

However, the crystal proved to be too powerful as Gargamel's clothes got caught in the Smurf Smasher and he was unable to shut off his machine. Eventually it exploded, taking both the crystal and much of Gargamel's castle with it.

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