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This is not to be confused with the celebration of a Smurf's birthday.

Smurf Day is a holiday that the Smurfs observe every year, which Papa Smurf in "The Magic Egg" calls "the smurfiest day of the year". How the day is observed was usually up to the Smurfs to decide, which could include a parade, fireworks, or even a dance with an orchestra.

In the episode "The Magic Egg" (which is an adaptation of "The Egg And The Smurfs"), the Smurfs decided to make a cake for Smurf Day, but they didn't have any eggs to make it with. In their search for eggs, they had come across a magic egg created by Gargamel that allowed whoever tapped on the egg to have their wishes granted. However, the Smurfs got so silly and selfish and un-Smurflike with their wishes that Papa Smurf used it to restore everything to normal before he wished for the magic egg to disappear for good.

On one year that Smurf Day was celebrated, during the events that took place in "Smurfette Unmade", Smurfette was producing a pageant play called "A Smurf For All Seasons" which involved a good deal of her fellow Smurfs in its production, such as Poet creating the script for the play, Brainy to be cast as its lead actor, and the Smurflings to provide special effects such as rain, snow, and breezes from a wind machine.

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