A Float Full of Smurfs Parade Float

The parade float used in the Smurf Autumn Carnival.

Cartoon Icon

The Smurf Autumn Carnival is a holiday observed by the Smurfs. According to Gargamel's Almanac of 101 Nauseating Days of the Year entry regarding the holiday, "each year, the Smurfs go out in the woods and select a big bunny for the honor of pulling their harvest float, and its traditional cargo of six Smurfs," each of which are dressed up in costumes of various forest animals. The harvest float itself resembles a typical cornucopia horn.

In the episode "A Float Full Of Smurfs", Gargamel and Azrael disguised themselves as bunnies in order to carry six Smurfs back to the evil wizard's castle to turn them into gold on that particular holiday. However, their plans were foiled as Nat's forest friends, the wolves, gave chase to the terrible twosome.

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