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Title Translation of
Sleepwalking Smurfs
FrenchLes schtroumpfnambules
SpanishPitufos Sonámbulos
GermanDie Schlafwandelnden Schlümpfe
ItalianPuffi sonnambuli
DutchDe slaapwandelende Smurf

"Sleepwalking Smurfs" was an episode that appeared in Season 2 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary


Gargamel and Azrael are looking for Smurfs to trap. Some Smurfs are picking Smurfberries. Scaredy trys to get one but is too high. He jumps on Gargamel's foot and gets the berry. When Scaredy sees the evil wizard he is frighted and runs off bumping into Poet. The two Smurfs run with Vanity and Jokey as Gargamel chases them, only to end up in one of his own traps. The Smurfs run to the Smurf Village. Gargamel has to see Madame Trilbee. He gets a fake ruby and hurrys to her house. When Trilbee agrees she gets a magic flute for him.

Gargamel plays the flute. The Smurfs are all sleepwalking Handy and Smurfette bump into paint cans. Papa Smurf pours a liquid in a pot and is shot out of the house. He awakes and sees that his Smurfs are sleepwalking. Clumsy trips over him and wakes too! Gargamel doesn't find the Smurfs and sees the wicked lady again. Smurfette complains about her foot and flowers, Handy finds his head red and Painter sees his arts are spoiled. He runs in the forest and makes some paintings. Gargamel sees Trilbee again but she says he needs practice. Gargamel practices and sees Painter in the forest and kidnaps him in a net! Handy and Smurfette look for Painter and hear an awful nosie they think is Harmony, but the wizard, Gargamel puts them in a net and the two Smurfs are kidnapped too!

When the nosie starts again all the Smurfs are sleepwalking except Papa. He sees Greedy with a cake walking and Jokey with a gift. Papa Smurf takes a trumpet and wakes his Smurfs by playing a fanfare! Greedy awakes and eats his dessert, and Jokey opens his gift (which explodes) Papa tells the Smurfs that Smurfette, Handy, and Painter have been kidnapped by Gargamel! He takes Hefty, Jokey, and Lazy to help him save the little Smurfs. When they find them, Madame Trilbee sees Gargamel has gave him a fony ruby and plays the flute which sends Gargamel and Azrael bumping into trees while the Smurfs rescue the captives and Papa says, "Now thats music to my ears."