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Title Translation of
Sister Smurf
FrenchL'amie de la Schtroumpfette
SpanishLa Hermana Pitufo
GermanSchwester Schlumpf
ItalianSorella puffa
DutchZuster Smurf

"Sister Smurf" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


While going through her closet full of dresses, Smurfette decides to try out her new dress in the hopes that it will impress her fellow Smurfs. However, as she tries to show off her new dress, Greedy only sees how delicious his new cupcake recipe is, Vanity only sees how handsome he looks in his own reflection, Lazy is too busy sleeping, and all Grouchy can say is that he hates new dresses. Frustrated by her lack of getting any attention from her fellow Smurfs, Smurfette decides to go off into the forest to find somebody that would appreciate her.


Smurfette finds a friend in Laura

Meanwhile, a young human girl named Laura is sitting on a picnic blanket, having a picnic with her imaginary elf princess friend, when her two brothers approach her, riding on hobbyhorses and pretending to be fearsome knights. The two brothers scoff at Laura playing make-believe and then decide to go catch a frog, saying that maybe their sister can kiss it so it can turn into a prince...or an elf. This frustrates Laura to the point of being fuming mad at her brothers when Smurfette approaches to befriend her and to empathize with her situation. As Laura hears her brothers return her way, she decides to run off with Smurfette.

While Laura's brothers go looking for her, she and Smurfette come across a house in the middle of the forest. As they look inside, it seems deserted and unkempt. The two girls decide to make it their own special place where no boys (and Smurfs) are allowed to enter into, and proceed to clean it up until it's all nice and tidy. They are pleased with their efforts until an old hag enters in and finds the two girls in what is actually her house. Laura and Smurfette decide to depart, but the woman blocks their way out with a very vicious dog. Soon she puts the two girls to work with more cleaning, and though they tell her that they're hungry and want to go home, she ends up telling the girls "this is your home" with hideous laughter.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf summons every Smurf around him to find out where Smurfette is from his little Smurfs, only to discover that every Smurf has been busy ignoring her. Realizing that Smurfette might have run off, Papa Smurf leads a group of Smurfs into the forest to go find her. Meanwhile, at supper, the old hag enjoys a roasted bird while she cruelly subjects Laura and Smurfette to eating bread and water. When the two girls refuse to eat anymore, the woman grabs the two of them and throws them into her cellar, which is where she wants them to stay.

Out in the forest, as the group of Smurfs search for Smurfette, they see various animals rushing right by them, and then Lazy spots three flaming torches in the darkness with voices calling out for Laura. The group of Smurfs duck for cover as they overhear the three humans -- Laura's brothers and her father -- talking about where Laura has gone off to. One of her brothers mentions that he has seen Laura go off into the forest with "a little blue elf" -- a clue to the overhearing Smurfs that Smurfette is with Laura. As the three humans continue their search for the lost human girl, the group of Smurfs decide to follow them.

At the old hag's house, her dog wakes up to the calling of Laura's father and brothers and barks at them. Both Laura and Smurfette are pleased to hear that somebody is coming to their rescue, but now they need to let their rescuer know that they're trapped in the cellar. As the old hag greets the three humans and answers their questions about the lost girl they're looking for, Smurfette cries loudly from the cellar in the hopes of being heard. The humans hear her cry and wonder who's there, which the old hag replies that it's just rats in her cellar. She stomps on the hatch, causing Smurfette to fall from the rope she was clinging to. The three humans then move on, but the group of Smurfs overhearing the conversation recognize Smurfette's voice and slowly proceed toward the house. After the searching humans depart, the old hag tells her captives they can scream all they want, but it won't do them any good.

As the Smurfs try to quietly steal their way toward the house, Brainy accidentally steps on a twig, causing the old hag's sleeping dog to wake up and start barking at them. The Smurfs quickly climb up a tree for safety as the dog continues to bark at the trespassers. The old hag tells her dog to leave the squirrels be, or else he'll have no supper. Meanwhile, Laura and Smurfette are crying in the cellar, the both of them wishing they had never run away and that they're missing their families.

The group of Smurfs make their second attempt to enter the old hag's house, this time by walking across a branch that hangs over her chimney. During their attempt, Clumsy falls off the branch and is dangling briefly in front of Laura's brothers, both of whom have departed from their father to check out the old hag's house again for any sign of Laura. The noise of this brief encounter wakes up the dog again, who now barks at the two humans that scurry up a tree for safety. As the old hag again emerges from her house to tell her dog to be quiet, the Smurfs go down a rope into her chimney, while the two spying human boys decide to follow the "elves".

Inside the woman's house, the Smurfs try to look for where Smurfette may be held captive, while Laura and Smurfette pile up potatoes in order to reach the hatch. Soon the Smurfs are joined by Laura's brothers as they get stuck in the chimney of the woman's house. The old hag wakes up to the sound of the human boys and shoves a broomstick up the chimney to pry the boys loose. This distraction gives the Smurfs enough time to push a chair away from the cellar's hatch while Laura and Smurfette push the hatch open from below. Soon the two girls are free, but the old hag now has Laura's brothers in her clutches. Laura bravely confronts the old hag to leave her brothers alone, but as she does this, the Smurfs start pelting the woman with peas. The three humans now run for the door, but their way of escape is blocked by the dog again -- at least until the Smurfs decide to serve the old hag's roasted bird to the dog to distract him, leaving the old woman to yell at her dog as the Smurfs escape with the humans.

Soon Laura and her brothers are happily reunited with their father, who is curiously entertained by his children telling him that the Smurfs have rescued them. But as the children turn to show their rescuers, they have mysteriously vanished. Laura's father tells them that if the Smurfs truly exist, then they will see them again. As the human family goes back home, Laura sees the Smurfs poking their heads from behind a bush, waving her goodbye.