Merlin With Sir Will
Sir Will, with Merlin
Sir Will
GenderPresumably male
RaceMagic Wand
OccupationMagic Wand
First AppearanceSeason 9
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Sir Will is a character that appeared in the Season 9 episode "The Smurfs Of The Round Table". He is Merlin's sentient magic wand which allows his user (normally sorcerers) to cast any spell through him. He can also act as a fishing rod at times when something needs to be pulled up from the bottom of a body of water.

In the story, Sir Will came to the assistance of the time-lost Smurfs when they appeared in Camelot, England at the time when King Arthur's nemesis Morgan le Fey stole Excalibur, turned him and everything in the kingdom into wax, shrunk Sir Lancelot down to Smurf size, and then cast a spell on the sun to burn hotter so that the king and everything in Camelot will melt away. With Merlin trapped in the form of a rock, Papa Smurf took it upon himself to use Sir Will in his quest to confront the evil sorceress and get Excalibur back from her. With the magic wand, Papa Smurf had cast a spell of magnetism on a giant rock to keep the Dark Knight from attacking the Smurfs, turned his own armor and his little Smurfs' armor to wood to keep themselves from being trapped by the same rock, caused a giant bucket of water to appear to douse the heat of a giant frying pan, and transformed a bush into a three-headed hellcat for the three-headed hellhound Morgan had created to chase after. When Excalibur was finally wrenched from her grasp, Papa Smurf used Sir Will to transform Morgan into a harmless mouse, fished Merlin's stone form from out of a brook, and helped transform Merlin back to his human form.


  • Different from other magic wands, it can float and fly in the sky itself.

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