Shamrock Smurfs
Date of First Airing9/16/1989
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Oscar Dufau
Don Lusk
Jerry Sabry
Paul Sommer
Story byErnie Contreras
Kelly Aumier

Cartoon Icon

Title Translation of
Shamrock Smurfs
FrenchLes Schtroumpfs en Irlande
GermanDie Zauberklee-Schlümpfe
ItalianL'isola di Smeraldo

"Shamrock Smurfs" is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


In a pastoral countryside by a brook, as a lamb drinks from still waters, the magical time whirlwind arrives and dumps the time-lost Smurfs in another place and time, some of them landing in the brook, others landing on top of a thatched stone house. Their clothes have changed again, and as Grandpa Smurf takes a look around, he deduces that they must have landed in the legendary Emerald Isle, which seems like the perfect place for Papa Smurf to spend some time trying to find the correct alignment of the crystals so they could find the way home.

That night by a campfire, Grandpa Smurf tells the younger Smurfs about the legends of hidden dells filled with enchanted shamrocks where the leprechauns first came from. Clumsy wonders if they would ever meet an original leprechaun, while Brainy denounces Clumsy as being "the original sap", that Grandpa Smurf was just trying to pull their legs. Then Jokey shows up looking like a leprechaun wearing Painter's green paint and a cheap-looking beard to scare Brainy up a tree by grabbing his leg, which only fools him for a short time before the branch he clings onto for dear life breaks and he falls.

Supper time comes, and Greedy is serving potatoes, which seems to be the only thing they've been having for meals lately. Greedy tells them that potatoes are the only thing he could find around the area, which slowly drives his fellow Smurfs away from the dinner table. Greedy decides to try finding something different to eat, and at night he goes digging through a garden and finds nothing but potatoes growing. He finally sees something deep in a hole he dug up, and he pulls hard to get it out, it turns out to be a big potato which sends him rolling down a hill into a patch of shamrocks which, to him, smell good enough to eat. Greedy cooks some of the shamrocks into a stew, saying that the other Smurfs won't be complaining when they dig into this delicacy, and by morning it is ready to be served. He takes a taste of it, and though it tastes delicious, it starts turning him green. Then an orange beard sprouts on his face, and then all of a sudden, a leprechaun stands where there once was a Smurf.

Greedy as a leprechaun, ready to have fun.

Deciding to have some fun, Greedy the leprechaun plays some pranks on his former fellow Smurfs. He makes a green rock that Hefty uses for weightlifting suddenly become much too big for him to lift. Smurfette, who pines for her flower garden back in the village, suddenly finds one growing in front of her, but the flowers squirt water in her face. Jokey, who thinks that Greedy now has a leprechaun costume, gets a "surprise" gift box from him that gives him a green pie in the face, with the bigger surprise is that his fellow Smurf is a leprechaun.

As Clumsy ponders about adding the big green rock he and Grandpa Smurf were looking at to his collection, Smurfette, Painter, and Jokey tell the elderly Smurf that Greedy has turned into a leprechaun, which Grandpa Smurf sees for himself when Greedy pulls on his long beard and sends him reeling, telling him to stop calling him Greedy. As the leprechaun now starts to serve the shamrock stew to the other Smurfs, Grandpa Smurf quickly knocks the filled bowls out of Brainy's and Snappy's hands, warning them that the stew made from the enchanted shamrocks will also turn them into leprechauns if they eat of it. They must now warn Papa Smurf about what has befallen Greedy.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf wakes up, ready to tackle the challenge of the time crystals, when Greedy shows up, pulling the village leader's hat down over his eyes and stealing some of the time crystals. He runs off, only to be tackled by his fellow Smurfs, but they catch nothing as Greedy has easily slipped out from under them, telling them they would have to catch them if they want to get their wish. This makes Brainy, who wants to wish them all to return back to the Smurf Village, desire to get his hands on capturing Greedy. As the chase ensues, Papa Smurf looks to finding all the ingredients for a counter-spell to turn Greedy back to normal, which Grandpa Smurf says they must do because the legends say that if someone turned into a leprechaun doesn't change back before sundown, he will remain a leprechaun for good.

As Smurfette, Jokey, Snappy, and Smoogle chase Greedy into a dead-end (for them, that is), Papa Smurf gathers and mixes up his counter-spell potion on the run, hoping to find Greedy to use it on him before sundown. Brainy, however, decides on an easy way to trap a leprechaun by mixing up a batch of potato glue and pouring it where he would hope Greedy would pass by. Unfortunately, the potato glue gets Smurfette, Jokey, Snappy, and Smoogle stuck in place while Greedy makes fun of them. Hefty leaps out and grabs Greedy, but Papa Smurf misses with his counter-spell potion as Greedy slips out. Brainy is still pouring down potato glue when he runs into Greedy, causing it to be spilled on both of them, sticking them together. Brainy becomes so upset he says he wishes Greedy would start acting like a normal Smurf. Immediately his wish is granted; Greedy changes back to a normal Smurf and pulls his mixing bowl off Brainy's head. Brainy is saddened that he didn't get the wish fulfilled that he wanted, because it would have made him a hero. But Smurfette tells him that he is a hero, and Papa Smurf confirms it by telling Brainy he did the right thing.

With the last two crystals back in Papa Smurf's possession, he arranges them in a new configuration, and the magical time whirlwind appears again to take them away from the Emerald Isle.

Background Information

  • This is probably the last time that leprechauns of any sort would appear in the cartoon show.
  • When Grandpa Smurf tells the other Smurfs about the leprechauns, the Smurfs, notably Brainy and Clumsy, act as though they've never seen or heard of a Leprechaun before, and Brainy even doubts their existence despite the Smurfs having a long friendly history with Michael the Leprechaun.


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