Sculptor Smurf
Sculptor Smurf
First AppearanceSmurf comic books (exact date unknown)
Name Translation of Sculptor Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Sculpteur
SpanishPitufo Escultor
ItalianPuffo Scultore

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Sculptor (original French name Schtroumpf Sculpteur) is a Smurf character that appears only in the comic books.


Sculptor Smurf first appears in a two-page gag of "Romeos And Smurfette", where Farmer Smurf asks him for a statue to use as a scarecrow. The statue keeps the crows away, but since Sculptor Smurf used the Smurfette as a model, it attracts several Smurfs to Farmer Smurf's workplace.

In "The Smurflings", when Papa Smurf calls Tailor Smurf to make new clothes for the de-aged Smurfs, Sculptor Smurf answers him, but Papa Smurf corrects him that he was calling for Tailor Smurf. This is because they are both called Schtroumpf Tailleur in the original French (though Sculptor Smurf is also called Schtroumpf Sculpteur sometimes)

In "The Finance Smurf", Sculptor Smurf is asked by Finance Smurf to sculpt the mold to make coins.

In "The Reporter Smurf", Sculptor (who doesn't appear onscreen in the story) uses his skill to create a series of alphanumeric stamps for Reporter's printing press.

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