OccupationMilton McKilty's pet
First AppearanceSeason 9
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Scotty is a character that appears in the cartoon show episode "Phantom Bagpiper". He is a pony owned and watched over by his ghostly caretaker Laird Milton McKilty, along with his sister Cassie. He and Cassie are being sought after by the greedy horse jockey Frugal McDougal, who captured Cassie by having his servant disguise himself as a horse to lure them toward a magnet that McDougal installed on his mule cart, though Scotty managed to escape. Scotty helped Smurfette win back Cassie as well as her friends Clumsy and Painter by participating in a horse race with McDougal, which they managed to win when Smoogle imitated the sound of McKilty's bagpipe to make Scotty run faster.

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