The mother confuses a Smurf for her baby.
The mother finds her baby at last.
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

A schmawk is the name of a prehistoric bird that the Smurfs have encountered in the episode "Cave Smurfs". Its resemblance is close to that of its possible distant descendant, the Howlibird (though the latter was transformed into this appearance by a failed growth formula that turned a harmless daisy into a carnivorous plant). The schmawk is so named because of its cry "schmawk".

The schmawk was roosting upon an egg that her child would hatch from when it flew off most likely to find food for her baby, when the egg wriggled its way out of the nest and hatched at the base of the cliff near a fig tree that Greedy was feeding himself from. The baby schmawk was hopping around, calling "schmama", hoping to find its mother when it stumbled onto Brainy and latched onto him, thinking that he was his "schmama".

Meanwhile, Greedy got trapped inside the hatched egg shell that the mother schmawk finds and brings to her nest where it opens to reveal Greedy all covered in feathers. Thinking Greedy is her baby, the mother schmawk tried to feed him worms and give him his first flying lesson. Fortunately, some Smurfs who went looking for Greedy and Brainy had heard Greedy's cries for help and, with Hefty flying around the mother's nest with Handy's glider wings, rescued Greedy from the mother schmawk while Brainy brought the mother's real baby to its mother, happily uniting the two.

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