Scaredy Cartoon
Scaredy as he appears in the cartoon show.

Scaredy as he appears in Smurfs: The Lost Village

Scaredy Smurf
OccupationNot specified
Voice ActorAlan Young
First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseCartoon Show
Smurfs' Village

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Scaredy (original French name Schtroumpf Peureux), as his name says, easily gets scared by anything, whether it is a small insect or the noise of storm; he would also faint, even when someone gives just a tap on his shoulder or foot. He is often teased by the Smurfs because of this. In one episode, Scaredy was to present the play to "The Three Smurfketeers" but was almost paralyzed with fear and got a little tongue-tied, causing the Smurfs in the audience to laugh at him. In another, Scaredy worked with Pushover Smurf. When Papa asked Scaredy to get the foxfire, Scaredy was too afraid and so he asked Pushover. While Pushover was there, Papa told Scaredy that if the foxfire is extinguished, then the Marsh Monster would be awakened. Scaredy decided to go look for Pushover and discovered him about to be attacked by the Marsh Monster. Scaredy and Pushover fled, but when Scaredy asked Pushover to relight the foxfire, Pushover said no and told Scaredy to go do it. Scaredy did, and Pushover learned not to be afraid to say no sometimes. He appeared in most of the seasons until Season 7. He also appears in Smurfs' Village where he gives xp if you tap him at night.

He was voiced by Alan Young.

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