Sassette With Her Paper Dolls
Sassette's magic paper dolls
AliasBaby Smurf's magic paper dolls (comic book only)
CreatorPapa Smurf and Sassette (cartoon show)
Papa Smurf and Smurfette (comic book)
PurposeSassette's playmates (cartoon show)
Baby Smurf's playmates (comic book)
First AppearanceSeason 7 ("Cut-Up Smurfs")

Comics IconCartoon Icon

Sassette's magic paper dolls were an accidental creation of Papa Smurf when he spilled a plant revitalization formula on a sheet of paper, which was then cut into the forms of paper dolls for Sassette in the cartoon show episode "Cut-Up Smurfs". They were a rambunctious group of paper dolls that caused trouble for the Smurfs wherever they went.

The paper dolls also appeared in the comic book story published for the Schtroumpfs magazine, although in that story they were created for Baby Smurf, and also inspired Gargamel to create his own living paper dolls which caused trouble unto the Smurfs.

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