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Title Translation of
Sassette's Bewitching Friendship
FrenchSassette et la petite sorcière
SpanishLa Peligrosa amistad de Sassette
GermanSassettes neue Freundin
ItalianUn’amica per Bontina
DutchSassettes betoverde vriendschap

Sassette's Bewitching Friendship is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



Sassette makes friends with a which who wants to do good, but does it badly.

The Smurfs spend the day at the beach preparing for the first annual Sail Smurfboard Contest, with Vanity looking at himself while standing on a surfboard and Handy busy working on his own surfboard, having finished creating one for Baby Smurf. Papa Smurf seems pleased with all the preparations that are taking place for the race. Sassette comes by carrying a bucket of mud, asking if anyone wanted to make mud pies with her, when she accidentally trips on a rock and splatters Smurfette's new swimsuit with mud. Sassette takes Smurfette's reaction as a refusal, and even Papa Smurf and Baby Smurf don't want to play with Sassette, leaving the little girl Smurfling wishing that she had a girlfriend to play with.

At a witchcraft school, a teacher named Witch Widow leads her students through the day's lessons, the first lesson being how to turn frogs into princes. The first three students perform the transformation successfully, but the fourth student Melina ends up turning her frog into a skunk, making Witch Widow and the other students go outside for some fresh air and to move on to their next lesson: broom flying. Again three of the students take to the air flawlessly with their brooms, but Melina in her attempt to fly with a broom finds herself flying out of control, picking up Witch Widow along the way and landing in a small pond. Witch Widow seems so upset with Melina that the little witch wanders off into the forest, saying to herself that the other witches would be better off without her.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard looks through his pile of failed Smurf traps with disappointment, saying that for all the traps that he has, he should have caught at least one single Smurf. His attention is soon diverted to his window, from which he sees Melina having trouble flying with her broomstick again. Gargamel decides that he would now take Smurf-catching to new heights as he crafts for himself a magic broom that he could ride upon, although his first attempt at riding a magic broom turns out to be a failure as it doesn't keep him airborne for very long.

Out in the forest by the riverside, Sassette spends time alone making mud pies for herself and saying to herself that it would sure be more fun if she had someone to play with. Suddenly Melina comes rushing by on her magic broom and lands in the water near Sassette, saying to herself that she wishes she could have a dry landing for once. Sassette and Melina meet and introduce themselves to each other, with Melina saying that she's a "bad witch"...not as in being a wicked witch, but as being a good witch who's just bad at being a witch. Sassette asks Melina if she would want to help whip up some more mud pies, and Melina accepts, using her magic wand to try making another mud pie. Instead, she ends up making a cream pie, but that doesn't bother Sassette as she and Melina end up enjoying the pie together. Sassette says that she can't wait to show her new friend to the other Smurfs.

The Smurfs are ready to start their race at the beach, although Smurfette is upset that there isn't enough wind for them to use the sails. Harmony solves this problem by blowing his horn straight into the sail, and Handy has installed a motor on his surfboard to get it going. But no sooner does Papa Smurf say that once the wind picks up, the contestants will breeze right through, a rushing powerful wind blows through the beach, making the seas rather rough for the Smurfs to sail across. The wind turns out to be generated by Melina having no control over her flying broom, and with Sassette flying with Melina, they both see what her reckless flying has caused before they end up crash-landing right on top of a banquet table that Greedy has prepared.

The Smurfs are angry with Melina and Sassette because the contest was now ruined by the reckless broom flight, but soon their attention is turned to Smurfette crying for help as she is struggling against the rough waters that she is trapped in. Melina decides that she will use her magic to save Smurfette, and so with a swish of her magic wand, the little witch transforms Smurfette into a mermaid so that she could swim to safety. Papa Smurf is happy to see Melina be able to use her magic to save Smurfette, but when he asks her to change Smurfette back into a Smurf, Melina says that she can't, that she won't be able to learn that spell until next semester, which makes the Smurfs rather disappointed.

Back at the witchcraft school, Witch Widow wonders where Melina could be as the other students are unable to find her. Using her blackboard as a television screen, Witch Widow and the students see that Melina is with the Smurfs, and the teacher of the school sees that Melina has gotten herself into trouble again, so she leads her class to the beach in order to restore things to normal.

While balancing around Baby Smurf on her mermaid's tail, Smurfette wonders if there's something that Papa Smurf could do to restore her to normal, and Papa Smurf says that only another witch can do that. But soon they have another problem to deal with, as Gargamel comes flying low over the beach on a broomstick with his net in hand, ready to catch Smurfs. Though the other Smurfs are able to evade Gargamel, Smurfette and Baby Smurf are soon caught in his net, with the evil wizard saying that tonight they will have "surf and turf". After a few more Smurfs get swooped up in the net, Melina uses her magic wand to try stopping Gargamel from making a getaway, although her first attempt at doing so changed Gargamel's broomstick into a pegasus. The evil wizard decides to use this upgrade in aerial travel to catch more Smurfs. Melina chases after Gargamel to try stopping him again, but as she trips over a sailboard and falls to the ground, her magic wand activates itself, causing a spell to ricochet off the rocks and straight into the pegasus' behind, making him buck and ride so wildly that Gargamel dropped his net full of Smurfs. Melina catches the net before it hits the ground, and the evil wizard is left trying to control a bucking flying bronco, cursing the Smurfs as he flies off.

The Smurfs are grateful that Melina, despite her inability to control her magic, has come to their rescue, and soon Witch Widow and her students show up at the beach to make sure that the little witch is safe and sound. Melina said that she thought that Witch Widow would be happy to see her gone, but Papa Smurf says to Melina that if she studied hard, she would indeed become a very good witch. With a little help from Witch Widow, Melina transformed Smurfette back into a real Smurf. But when Witch Widow told Melina that it was time to turn the Smurfs back to normal (suggesting that they may have been humans), Sassette tells the teacher that they are already normal, and Melina says that now she has a true blue friend as she and Sassette shake hands with each other.

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