SS Smurf
S.S. Smurf
PurposeSea travel
First AppearanceSeason 2

Cartoon Icon

The original S.S. Smurf was a sailing ship built by the Smurfs and used by a group of them to try their hand at sailing across the sea to adventures, with mixed results, in the Season 2 episode "Smurfs At Sea". While they defeated pirates and helped a poor man's family, the ship was reduced to a raft when parts of it had to be converted into a hydraulic lift so that the Smurfs could escape being swallowed up by a whale. All would-be Captain Dreamy Smurf had to show for their efforts was the scorn of his fellow travelers and some odd seeds he picked up, which later grew to become the first smurfberries in the forest. It was later replaced by the S.S. Smurf II.

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