Root Of Evil
Root Of Evil
PurposeTurns whoever touches it evil
First AppearanceSeason 6

Cartoon Icon

The Root Of Evil is a plant grown from the Seeds Of Discord that Chlorhydris has in her possession in the episode "The Root Of Evil". It is simply a fast-growing root that burrows itself through the ground and seeks out whatever it wishes to turn evil, influencing the behavior of whoever touches it, causing the irises of their eyes to turn red.

The Root Of Evil's first victims were Homnibus and Papa Smurf, who were both playing a friendly game of checkers together in the human wizard's hovel. It soon spread toward the village and affected the Smurfs that were in it except for Baby Smurf, whose very touch caused the root to turn and grow elsewhere. Papa Smurf discovered that the root has no effect on Baby Smurf, whose very touch also restored Papa Smurf's normal behaviors.

In order to find where the root came from and to destroy it, Papa Smurf merely pretended to act evil while still carrying Baby Smurf with him and lured his little Smurfs to follow him to Chlorhydris' observatory. At the place where the root began to grow, the Smurfs used a saw to cut through the root, causing it to wither and disappear, also restoring the Smurfs' normal behaviors and that of whoever the root touched.

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