Romeo And Smurfette Comic
Romeo And Smurfette
PublisherRandom House
Year of publicationEarly 1980s
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"Romeo And Smurfette And 12 Other Smurfy Stories" was a trade paperback comic book that was published by Peyo through Random House in America in the early 1980s.


The comic book consisted of three sections:

Romeo And Smurfette

This was a series of vignettes set around the Smurfs preparing for Smurfette's visit to the Smurf Village, some of which were made part of the cartoon show episode of the same name. This originally appeared in the French version of the comic book story "The Smurf's Apprentice".


This was a series of random one-page vignettes, some of which include Smurfette, concluded with a four-page sketch still set around the romantic theme of the previous section. This originally appeared in the French version of the comic book story "Smurf Soup".

Traveling Smurf

See the article "The Smurf Not Like The Others"


  • "Traveling Smurf", which originally was "The Smurf Not Like The Others" (the English translation of its original title), appears in edited form in the children's book story "The Wandering Smurf" which was released by Random House in 1981. It would later appear in the Papercutz book Gargamel And The Smurfs under its original translated title.
  • "Romeo and Smurfette" (Fr. Romeos et Schtroumpfette) represents the reappearance of the Smurfette years since her 1966 debut in "La Schtroumpfette" (Eng. The Smurfette).

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