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You may also be looking for the videogame that goes by this name.
Title Translation of
Revenge Of The Smurfs
FrenchLa revanche des Schtroumpfs
SpanishLa Revancha de los Pitufos
GermanDie Rache der Schlümpfe
ItalianLa rivincita dei puffi
DutchDe wraak van de Smurfen

"Revenge Of The Smurfs" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



Hefty's ready to fan the flames of revenge

As a group of Smurfs are busy enjoying a quiet day of a picnic by the water's edge, a flaming arrow pierces their picnic basket. Smurfette then sees that human armies are nearby fighting with each other, using the Smurf forest as their battlefield. Soon the group of Smurfs see more flaming arrows and some coals being aimed in their direction, and that one of the armies is headed straight toward the village. The Smurfs decide to flee and warn the other Smurfs.

Back in the village, Greedy is baking up piles of pies, Painter is doing up a lot of paintings, Farmer is happily at work digging in his fields, and Handy is laying down bricks on fresh mortar, much to the pleasure of Papa Smurf watching them. Lazy is resting on a hammock when he is scared awake by a flaming coal that lands near him and a few other Smurfs. Soon the Smurfs who were at the picnic were returning to the village, shouting that the humans are coming. Then comes the sound of galloping horses as the armies approach their village. Papa Smurf has Harmony sound the alarm and all his little Smurfs to take cover in the trees and gopher holes. Papa Smurf fearfully watches from the safety of a tree branch as the humans blindly rampage through the village, trampling down Smurf houses in their wake.

Village In Ruins

The appearance of the village after the rampage.

The Smurfs come out of cover after the rampaging army passes, only to see the devastation they have left behind. Papa Smurf counts up all the Smurfs present and sees that all 100 Smurfs are safe and sound, the only good news that makes the Smurfs cheer. But now they face a new set of problems: where are they going to live, how are they going to live, and what are they going to do about the humans who did this. Hefty wants to get revenge, as do certain other Smurfs, but Papa Smurf tries to reason with them, saying that the humans could not have known that the village was in their path. While Papa Smurf couldn't find an answer to why the humans were fighting with each other, he does say that the important thing for them to do is rebuild.

Soon the rebuilding process is underway, with most of the Smurfs lending a hand except for Brainy, who seems that it's his job to give orders to his fellow Smurfs. Jokey is upset that his surprises are all mashed, while Smurfette is tearful over losing everything she had, and Hefty notices Greedy pining over the loss of his pies while having to cook over an open fire. Hefty and Jokey decide to take matters into their own hands and give the knights something to remember them by, while Smurfette calls for a few more volunteers to help them.

By nightfall, a group of Smurfs are quietly sneaking out into the forest, while other Smurfs are resting within their cover holes, reaching the spot where Smurfette had seen the human army go to past their village. Smurfette secretly climbs onto one of the horses and whispers a message to him, telling the horse to wait for her whistle. The horse nods his approval, and Smurfette dismounts, joining her fellow Smurfs behind the bushes. After reporting in with them, Smurfette and her fellow Smurfs untie the ropes around the horses' ankles and use them to tie up the knights' ankles while they are sleeping. Soon, while standing on a branch over one of the sleeping knights, the group of Smurfs watch Jokey lower one of his surprises down on a line before he sets it off, waking up the sleeping knights. Smurfette then whistles to the horses, which then gallop off without their riders. The watchman alerts the other knights to their horses, but as they try to get up, the knights all stumble into one another with ropes around their ankles. However, one of the knights bumps into the tree that the group of Smurfs are standing on, knocking them off the branch and into the kettle of boiling gruel, with only Handy escaping the fall. The other Smurfs try to climb their way out of the kettle, but they are one Smurf too short to reach the brim. Soon they hear the humans return to their camp, and the only thing Handy can do at that point is run and get help.

It is dawn, and Papa Smurf awakens his little Smurfs to continue rebuilding the village when Handy returns to tell the village leader what had befallen his fellow Smurfs. Soon Papa Smurf goes to the humans' camp with a group of Smurfs to rescue those that have fallen into the gruel kettle, which is slowly reaching the boiling point with those Smurfs still inside it. Papa Smurf decides to go into the camp alone, hoping that he could reason with the humans. However, as he whistles for attention, the returned horses go crazy again, causing the humans to chase after them while some other Smurfs lower Handy down on a line hanging over a branch to pull the simmering Smurfs out of the gruel. With those Smurfs safely out, they all make a run for safety before the humans could even spot them.

Back at the village, Papa Smurf scolds the Smurfs for acting on their own against the humans while everybody else was busy rebuilding the village, and especially for acting like humans. The four Smurfs bravely step forward to accept responsibility for their actions, confessing what they have done, but despite their confessions and acceptance of guilt, Papa Smurf hopes that they have learned a valuable lesson. Soon they are invited to lunch, which Sloppy has been preparing in Greedy's absence. But when they find out that it is gruel, they dunk the kettle's contents on Sloppy, who is left wondering why they don't like gruel.