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Title Translation of
Queen Smurfette
FrenchLa Reine Schtroumpfette
SpanishLa Reina Pitufina
GermanKönigin Schlumpfine
ItalianLa grande festa di Puffetta
DutchKoningin Smurfin

"Queen Smurfette" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Queen Smurfette

Smurfette becomes the queen of the village for her birthday.

While Smurfette and Brainy were out in the forest with the Smurflings, they see a royal carriage passing by on the road, with a beautiful woman sitting in the passenger seat that Sassette notices. Smurfette tells the young Smurfling that it's Queen Gwendolyn who is going to visit King Gerard. She swoons at the thought of their romantic encounter together and wishes that she herself could become a queen. Sassette tells Smurfette that she could be queen someday since she's pretty enough, but Smurfette says that nobody could ever make her a queen.

Back in the village, Clumsy tries to discuss with Brainy what they're going to give Smurfette for her birthday, and Sassette comes up with the suggestion of making her queen. Brainy thinks the idea is silly, but when Sassette amends the idea by saying Smurfette could be queen for one day, it makes Brainy think of how they could fulfill this desire. He along with Clumsy and the Smurflings quickly go to Papa Smurf, who is busy trying to play chess with himself, and ask him if they could make Smurfette queen for a day. Papa Smurf says that Greedy is already making a cake for her birthday and asks if that is enough for her. The other Smurfs say that it's what Smurfette wants and it's only for one day, so Papa Smurf agrees on the grounds that it's only from sunup until sundown, which makes the other Smurfs cheer.

Throughout the night, as Smurfette is sound asleep, the Smurfs put their plan into motion by setting up a palace for her and creating the royal garments for her to wear. Brainy supervises the work and gives his commentary to make sure things meet up to his standards, including the cake that Greedy is baking for her. Soon by morning, Brainy greets Smurfette at the door wearing clothes fitting for her personal royal escort and wakes her up to take her to her coronation as queen for a day. Smurfette thinks the whole thing is a dream, but she realizes how real it is when she is given a ride on Handy's gold-painted fire engine to the palace that was built for her. She is amazed by all the effort her fellow Smurfs had put into giving her the royal treatment for her birthday, with Clumsy and Hefty standing in as guards to the palace and other Smurfs acting as her personal servants to give her anything that her heart desires. She only wishes that this day could go on forever.

Meanwhile, Father Time looks at his clock and sees that he has plenty of time to spend going fishing on the River Of Time, so he writes a note to leave for Mother Nature, promising that he will lower the Shade Of Night at 6:00 in the evening. Papa Smurf at that same moment has gone to visit Homnibus the wizard, and they are spending their time playing chess together. The village leader notices his friend is very focused on trying to make his next move and politely reminds him of the time so that he could return to the village to celebrate Smurfette's birthday. Homnibus only nods in response as he is busy contemplating.

Back in the village, Smurfette and her royal court enjoy a banquet fit for a queen while Handy, Greedy, Snappy, and Nat stand as her servants watching. Clumsy asks Smurfette for a dance together, and Smurfette grants him his wish as she removes the robe and gets up from the table to dance. Handy notices with disgust that Brainy had his eye on the crown all day, while Greedy had his eyes on the food all day. Snappy says he's only glad that the day is almost over. However, at the River Of Time, Father Time has fallen asleep while he was in his rowboat fishing. While Smurfette dances with Brainy wearing her crown, they soon hear cries of protest outside the palace, with the Smurfs demanding to have cake and be part of the celebration. Smurfette wants to invite her fellow Smurfs in, but Brainy says that it's part of the game for her being queen that they should be kept outside. At the palace gates, Clumsy begins to worry about the unrest growing among the Smurfs who are being kept from celebrating Smurfette's birthday, but Hefty assures him that it will end just as soon as the sun goes down.

By 8:00 in the evening, Homnibus is awakened by the chiming of his grandfather clock, commenting on how time flies when they are playing chess. But Papa Smurf notices something is wrong: the sun is still in the sky and hasn't moved. Homnibus confirms that there is a problem when he checks his pocket watch and realizes that both timepieces are keeping perfect time, but it is still daylight outside. Papa Smurf takes his leave and returns to the village upon Feathers, seeing that the village is in an uproar because the time is now 9:00 and that means the day is over for the reign of Queen Smurfette, but Brainy insists that the day will only end when the sun goes down. Papa Smurf sees that he will need to go to Father Time to see what's going on, but he tells his little Smurfs not to fight with each other while he is gone and for Brainy to remove the crown from his head. Meanwhile, Sassette sees that the servants are gone, and Smurfette feels sad, not wanting for the day to go on like this.

At Father Time's workshop, Papa Smurf finds the note left by the guardian of time and travels down the River Of Time on a cauldron to get Father Time to wake up and see what's going on. The elderly guardian realizes that he has fallen asleep and allowed time to slip by unnoticed, so he returns to his workshop and sees that there is only one hour left before it becomes the next day. He is ready to pull down the Shade Of Night when Papa Smurf asks Father Time to wait for a few more minutes so that they could celebrate Smurfette's birthday before night falls, and soon with the Smurfs making apologies with each other for how they were acting, Smurfette was presented with her birthday cake just before night fell. Papa Smurf lets out a sigh of relief, saying that they have finished celebrating Smurfette's birthday in the nick of time.

After the party, the Smurfs all say goodnight to each other as they fall asleep. However, it doesn't take long before the sun rises again as the Shade Of Night rolls itself back up, and the Smurfs are treated to an unwelcome wake-up call by Harmony.