Queen Lianon
Queen Lianon
First AppearanceSeason 2 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Queen Lianon is the fairy queen who rules over her kingdom in the cartoon show episode "All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy". She is the mother of the headstrong fairy prince Garth and is friends with Papa Smurf. During the events of the episode, the queen has been informed that the fairy gold has been stolen, but instead of investigating the situation, Prince Garth acted upon his suspicions that the Smurfs have stolen the gold and took the fairy cavaliers with him to attack the Smurf Village against his mother's wishes. Papa Smurf appeared before the queen in the hopes that they could resolve the situation peacefully and find out who the real thief is.

As they head toward the village to try intercepting the fairy cavaliers before they attacked, the queen and Papa Smurf overheard from Gargamel in the forest that he was the one responsible for stealing the fairy gold. While the queen and Papa Smurf were unsuccessful in preventing the battle, they did succeed in enforcing a cease-fire so that both sides would know who was responsible for stealing the gold and that they should work together to prevent Gargamel from stealing anymore fairy gold.

Upon the queen's return to her kingdom, she saw that Gargamel had found his way there through the portal inside a tree and has plundered the kingdom of its valuable treasures. Together with the Smurfs, the queen and her forces attacked Gargamel as he was exiting the royal palace, and the queen used her magic to strip the evil wizard of his fine clothes and to strike him with lightning bolts until he returned to his own world through the portal. To prevent Gargamel from ever finding his way to the fairy kingdom again, the queen caused the tree in the forest to disappear. Grateful for the assistance of the Smurfs in stopping the wizard from plundering her kingdom, she repaid them by having her cavaliers assist the Smurfs in the rebuilding of their village.

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