Created by Peyo[1]
Publication information
Genre Humor
Publication date January 22, 1952
Status Ended
Country of origin Belgium
Original language French
Publisher Dupuis[2]
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a strip in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou, and as a set of graphic novels.
Main character(s) Pussycat (character)
Number of books published: 3
Creative team
Writer(s) Peyo and Studio Peyo
Artist(s) Peyo and Studio Peyo
Creator(s) Peyo
The series has been reprinted, at least in part, in Dutch, English, and German.
Pussycat Icon

Pussycat (Poussy in French) is a cat who appears in his own cartoon strip created by Peyo, usually appearing as a backup feature along with the Smurfs in the Schtroumpf magazine. It is the second comic creation by Peyo after "Johan"

Publication History

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The first "Pussycat" strip in 1949.

The series was created on January 22 1949 on a Belgian newspaper Le Soir with a strip of four squares. The series will be published from time to time in the newspaper, but at the same time, it tries to integrate Editions Dupuis and the newspaper Spirou. It will only receive refusal until 1952 when the other series "Johan" joined the magazine "Spirou". This integration marks the abandonment of the series by Peyo, until 1955 when it was revived in the youth supplement Soir. Now the series has a half-board per week. In 1960 , Peyo who has just created Smurfs starts to become a successful author. Charles Dupuis , who feels the potential of the author insists that repatriates Poussy in Spirou . Peyo accepts, but creates a new series for Le Soir entitled Benoit Brisefer but seduced by the idea of this series, Charles Dupuis will have it published in Spirou and Peyo has to create the series Jacky and Célestin for the Belgian daily. From 1965 , the series Poussy is being republished in color and Spirou no.5 to no.1438 1 . Subsequently, Lucien De Gieter , who works at the studio Peyo, will draw forty gags before dealing with his own series, which ends the series. Meanwhile, from 1976 , Dupuis editions out albums of the series and series is also republished in the newspaper Le Soir, another publication by Dupuis

Papercutz had released a collection of strips translated into English on January 20, 2015.


The main character of the series is a black and white cat called Poussy. He does not speak and goes about his business to eat cat food or hunt mice. The owner of Poussy is a little boy whose name is not revealed. A mouse lives in the same house as Poussy, which he attempts to capture.


There are three albums released by Dupuis from 1976 to 1977:

  1. Ça, c'est Poussy (That's Pussy)
  2. Faut Pas Poussy (Don't do that, Pussy!)
  3. Poussy Poussa (Pussy Carries On)

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