Original titlePoussy
StoryPeyo, Lucien De Gieter, Daniel Desorgher, Studio Peyo
ArtworkPeyo, Lucien De Gieter, Daniel Desorgher, Studio Peyo
ColoristPeyo, Studio Peyo
PublisherDupuis, Papercutz

Pussycat Icon

Pussycat is a book featuring the title character from Peyo's comic strip of the same name. This collection features all 294 gags; from the first black & white gag printed in Le Soir #21 in 1949 to the final color gag printed in Schtroumpf #34 in 1992. Many of the original Le Soir gags were colorized when reprinted in Spirou or album format. Although there are a handful of gags that were never republished and are presented in their original black & white form.


  • The anthology was first published by Dupuis, Papercutz released this collection in January 20, 2015.
  • The cover of this book is very similar to another Pussycat comic book published in 1977.