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FrenchLes Schtroumpfs et Puppy

"Puppy" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As Brainy dreams of the adoration he hopes to receive from his fellow Smurfs for being the kind of Smurf he claims to be, he hears the sound of something approaching his house from outside. He wakes up, goes to the door, and is scared witless by what he sees outside it. In a panic he goes to tell Papa Smurf that he's seen a monster that's huge with fiery eyes and giant fangs, covered in hair and puffs like a dragon. Then Papa Smurf hears what sounds like a dog, and relaxes when he sees it's just a puppy who's all excited about being in the Smurf Village. The puppy sees Baby Smurf and comes over to him, the both of them happy to see each other. Hefty is rather fearful of what the dog might do and runs out to save Baby, only for the dog to just give his new friend a friendly dog kiss. The other Smurfs begin to see that the dog is rather harmless, and with the Smurflings eager to keep him, Papa Smurf seems willing to let him stay until they figure out where he came from.

Puppy Gets a Bath

Puppy gets a bath.

Puppy Handy Zapped

Handy tries to open the locket.

Puppy Razors Edge

Oh dear.

Puppy Baby Opens Locket

Baby can open it!

Soon the Smurfs give Puppy all the loving attention they could give him: Greedy bakes up some bone-shaped dog biscuits, Handy builds a cart for him, Tailor sews up a blanket for him, and some other Smurfs build a dog house while the Smurflings run around with Puppy, giving him a bath afterward with the help of Handy's invention for putting out fires. But they do get curious about a heart-shaped locket that's hanging off the dog's collar that reads: Homni-One, Do Not Open. Brainy and the Smurflings are all for opening up the locket to see what's inside, but Papa Smurf says it's better not to open it until he can determine that it's safe. Nevertheless, the Smurflings continue to get curious about what's inside, and despite Brainy's repeating Papa Smurf's warning, Snappy daringly tries to open it, only to get zapped by a lightning bolt. This makes the nearby Smurfs fear trying to open it themselves. But then two other adult Smurfs try to take a crack at opening the locket -- Hefty and Handy -- only for the both of them to get the same "shocking" result for doing so!

From what Papa Smurf heard from Brainy, Hefty, and Handy, he has a feeling that somebody doesn't want the locket to be opened. He looks up the reference to Homni-One in one of his books, and realizes to his dismay that the puppy belongs to Homnibus. As Handy, Brainy, and Papa Smurf watch Hefty drag along Puppy in his new cart along with Baby Smurf and the Smurflings, Handy wonders what Papa Smurf's going to do about telling the Smurflings the truth. Papa Smurf says that he'll worry about telling them tomorrow and then calls everyone to bed, including Puppy and the Smurflings. During the night, Baby Smurf is crying, longing to sleep next to Puppy, so Papa Smurf has Baby's crib set up in a tent next to where Puppy is sleeping. He also tries to open the magic locket himself, only to get zapped himself by lightning. This wakes Puppy up as well as Baby Smurf and the other Smurfs, who at that point were wondering what is going on. Papa Smurf sheepishly answers that he's merely checking up on Baby Smurf, calming everyone down.

The next day, Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that the dog belongs to Homnibus and that he must go home, which makes them all sad. He asks for volunteers to take Puppy back home to his rightful owner, and, seeing no one stepping up to do so, he hand-selects Brainy, Smurfette, and the Smurflings for the task. As they head off into the forest, Gargamel comes along with a net in his hand and Azrael, who stop to listen to the sound of a dog. They both panic at the thought of it being a very vicious dog and climb up a tree to escape being bitten by it. But all they see is a friendly puppy down below, wearing a gold locket on a dog collar, which makes Gargamel all the more curious. Brainy and Smurfette try to rein in Puppy with the leash, and with the Smurflings helping out, they pull him away from his supposedly hounding a squirrel. Gargamel then realizes that the puppy is the legendary Homni, and that makes him desire to have the locket all the more. He decides to follow where the Smurfs are taking him to.

Soon Gargamel finds himself outside Homnibus' hovel, who at this moment is telling the Smurfs that Puppy was a gift that he sent to the Smurfs to have as their very own pet. The news excites the Smurflings, which means they can take him home. As they bring him home, Homnibus sends a letter with them to Papa Smurf, saying that this dog is a thousand years old and has a locket that contains "the key to all magic", and that only the pure at heart can take care of this dog. The letter also warns the Smurfs to guard him well and to not let him fall into evil hands.

Meanwhile, Gargamel bravely enters Lord Balthazar's dark castle, where he informs his wicked godfather that he has seen the legendary Homni guarding a magic locket. Balthazar decides to pay Homnibus a visit, warning Gargamel that he hopes for his godson's sake he's not mistaken. Unfortunately, Homnibus offers no help to the evil sorceror in regards to the dog when Balthazar asks him rather roughly. Dissatisfied, Balthazar leaves Homnibus' hovel, claiming that he doesn't need him to find Homni.

Out in the forest, Handy and the Smurflings now have Puppy harnessed to the cart, with Handy claiming that he's not exploiting the dog in any way since he's never seen a happier puppy. Sassette has Puppy ride off pulling her along in the cart. But at the same time, Balthazar is dragging a bone behind his carriage in the hopes that he and Gargamel will lure the dog toward it. Soon Puppy's nose picks up the scent of the bone, and runs off towards its direction with Sassette and the cart. The little girl Smurfling tries in vain to get Puppy to slow down, but is soon tossed off the cart as the dog races toward the bone, following it to Lord Balthazar's castle. Handy finds Sassette and heads back to the village, where Papa Smurf decides to go after Puppy riding on Feathers the crane, taking Hefty and Handy along.

In Balthazar's castle, the evil godfather sorcerer tries to get the locket off Puppy's collar, but is himself zapped by lightning. He then hands Gargamel a pair of scissors to cut the collar off Puppy, but he fares no better than Balthazar in trying to do so. Soon Balthazar decides to have Gargamel give Puppy the guillotine treatment, despite his godson's rather fearful reservations about Balthazar taking things a bit too far. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf, Handy, and Hefty reaches the tower of the evil sorcerer's castle and climbs down into a window where they see Gargamel ready to let the blade fall. As he does, Papa Smurf whistles to get Puppy's attention, turning him away from the falling blade, while Hefty and Handy jump onto the dog's back, ready to ride out of there. They climb up the stairs and jump out the window into the moat where Puppy swims them to shore. But as the moat's serpent is ready to eat them, Papa Smurf lets loose the drawbridge, knocking the serpent's head with it and sending him back into the moat. Balthazar tries to use his crossbow on Puppy and his passengers, but he is distracted by Gargamel, and his arrow misses. Papa Smurf then flies off with Feathers, telling Puppy and the other two Smurfs he'll see them back at the village.

Night falls, and Puppy is safe and home with the Smurfs resting with the Smurflings and Baby Smurf in sleeping bags nearby. Soon Baby Smurf wakes up and opens the locket, and, though we don't get to see what this "key to all magic" is, the infant does. Puppy wakes up and licks Baby Smurf, happy to have found a new master.

Background Information

  • This is the episode that introduces the character of Puppy.
  • Many foreign DVD releases carry the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging of this episode, as opposed to the rest of the episodes, which were uncut, although this episode has also use the modified intro and credits for foreign markets.