Esmeralda Fortune

Esmeralda Fortune, a fake psychic.

A psychic is a person who claims to have an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP), or who is said by others to have such abilities. The word "psychic" is also used to describe theatrical performers, such as stage magicians, who use techniques such as prestidigitation, cold reading, and hot reading to produce the appearance of such abilities. It can also denote an ability of the mind to influence the world physically using psychokinetic powers.

In the time period that most mainstream Smurfs stories take place in, fortune tellers and oracles are considered psychics, even though Papa Smurf knows that most of them are actually charlatans. One particular charlatan posing as a fortune teller is Esmeralda Fortune, who along with her companion Cohort deceives people that she comes in contact with by claiming to see into their future, with Gargamel being her best known target.

In the 2011 Smurfs movie, Patrick Winslow's role as an advertising marketer for Anjelou was confused for being a fortune teller by the Smurfs, which resulted in them hitching a ride to Patrick's work place in the hope that he would have a "stargazer" for them to use.

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