Prince Theodore as a frog, behind Smurfette
Prince Theodore - Smurfs
Prince Theodore in restored form
Prince Theodore
RaceFrog in cursed form, human in restored form
First AppearanceSeason 6
UniverseCartoon Show

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Prince Theodore first appeared in "The Prince And The Hopper of Season 6 as a talking frog, having been transformed by his evil magician, Morlock. He was found by the Smurflings and Smurfette and after some coaxing out of a tree, told them about his predicament. In his words, his magician is after his kingdom, turned him into a frog (and an ordinary frog into a human version of him), and is going to remain an amphibian unless he recieves a kiss from the person who loves him most before it's too late. Smurfette feels sorry for him and offers the Smurfs' help, so he leads them back to his castle.

Once there, they see a girl getting ready for a wedding - it turns out this is his fiance, Princess Jasmine, and it's his wedding that he may miss. Believing that she is the one who loves him most, he tries to make her kiss him. First he approaches her directly when she's alone, but before he has a chance to explain anything, she screams and tries to kill him. Now knowing she's terrified of frogs, he and the Smurfs come up with another plan: they hide in a suit of armour in the hallway and when she walks by, he calls out to her. Jasmine agrees to one kiss before the wedding commences, so he takes his chance.

Unfortunately she is not the one who loves him most; they realize she is only interested in marrying him for his wealth and power. Just when things seem at their worst, Morlock discovers them and sends them into the dungeons. When he leaves to ready the replacement prince for the wedding, the real prince starts to lose his voice - then it is lost, leaving him with no further ability to prove his identity.

When all seems lost, the Smurfs pity him, and Smurfette gives him a kiss. Suddenly he returns to his human form, voice and all, and happily thanks her for breaking the spell. Immediately they escape from the dungeons and manage to find the wedding room, but by the time they find it, Princess Jasmine has already kissed the fake prince, thus turning it back into a frog. Prince Theodore exposes Morlock for his treachery, has him arrested, and all is well once more thanks to the Smurfs. Before the episode ends, he tells them that he's finished with Jasmine and shows affection for Smurfette (but she turns him down politely).

Second Appearance

He returned in "Gargamel's New Job" in Season 6 having several soldiers post fliers on trees looking for a new magician to replace Morlock. The Smurfs approach him and he tells them that his farmers are flustered over their hens not laying eggs for some time, so he's hoping to find someone who can fix the problem. He asks Papa Smurf to take the position, but doesn't because he could never leave his little Smurfs, but does tell him he will look into a egg-laying spell for him.

Meanwhile, Gargamel and Scruple aspire for the position and see Prince Theodore: despite a mishap in his spell, they have proven to be the most interesting individuals the court has seem all day, so he offers them the job. Shortly afterwards, he assigns them their first job - cast an egg-laying spell for the hens to appease the farmers. Sadly he overestimates Gargamel's abilities and looks out his window to see dark clouds raining eggs. He storms into Gargamel and Scruple's study, demands that they fix their mistake, and watches them work for a minute. Instead of the storm dying down, however, the eggs become chicken feathers - the poor prince is allergic to chicken feathers.

Meanwhile, the Smurflings and Smurfette bring the egg-laying potion bottle to his chambers only to be captured by Gargamel. And while they are in a cage in their study, Papa and Brainy Smurf make their way to the castle on Puppy to warn Prince Theodore about Gargamel. And while they arrive and find him, Gargamel requests help from Morlock which leads to trouble: instead of giving them an egg-laying spell, he gives them a spell to break him out of his dungeon cell. Morlock ties them up and casts a spell of his own to turn everyone in the castle (beyond the room they are in) into helpless sheep.

As Prince Theodore, Papa, and Brainy are headed for Gargamel's study he fumes about what he's going to do if he's hurt a single hair on Smurfette's head, and then suddenly he turns into a sheep with a crown. Morlock appears and herds him and the guards into the throne room and prepares to finish them off, but before he can, the Smurfs reunite and foil his plans by reversing the spell. Everyone is back to normal, so the prince has Morlock banished from his kingdom for good; the episode concludes with him once again thanking the Smurfs and sending Gargamel and Scruple back to their hovel in the forest.

He has not appeared again, and it is unknown if he knows other people such as King Gerard, Princess Savina, or Johan and Peewit.

General Appearance

PT is Taller Than Gargamel - Smurfs

Prince Theodore is much taller than Gargamel.

Prince Theodore has dark brown hair with long, side-swept bangs, pale skin, and stands approximately 6ft. tall (based on the fact that he towers over Gargamel). He wears a light violet tunic, a lavender scale-patterned long-sleeve turtleneck undershirt, lavender leggings, light violet shoes, and a magenta/purple cape with gold clasps. His tunic and cape have fur trimming, and he wears a light brown belt with his sword in hilt attached by a strap on the left side, suggesting he is right-handed.

It is estimated that he is between 14-18 years of age, but is not easily determined: though he is tall, his voice is young, he has a good heart and a sense of responsibility, but has a temper if his friends are in danger. He was also supposed to be married which could mean he's older or - since it's the Middle Ages - younger.

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