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Prince Pricari
OccupationPrince, Inventor
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

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Prince Pricari was a character who appeared tn the Smurfs television cartoon show season 9 episode "The Golden Rhino" and "Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo". He is the prince of a tribe in ancient Africa, as well as the owner of the golden rhino calf, Rahdu. He also has given shelter to some homeless orphaned animals at his village, and despite his youth, is a clever inventor who has created many machines for such purposes as feeding the younger animals, and so on.

In the episode "The Golden Rhino", the time-lost Smurfs end up on a decrepit rope bridge, and their weight causes the bridge to break and them to be on the cusp of plummeting into a raging river. Pricari, who was riding his pet rhino, Rhadu, sees this and rescues the Smurfs by ordering Rhadu to use his magic horn to transform the rope into gold, increasing its integrity so that it would not snap and allowing the Smurfs to climbs to safety. He brings them to his native village and introduces them to his other pets, his inventions and his parents Queen Ayoka and King Danladi. However, Tamar, the greedy ruler of another and more advanced people, is interested in Rahdu and his magical golden horn that enables him to transform objects into gold, so the king sends his right-hand man Azoul along with his trained gorillas to capture him. Azoul and the gorillas also find an unexpected bonus for Tamar as they capture Brainy Smurf, then turn him into gold with Rahdu's horn as a test to see if it really works. After hearing of this, Pricari brings Handy Smurf and his two closest pet animals - a lion cub named Cubby and a young giraffe named Stretch - to Tamar's palace, with a surprise guest, Clumsy Smurf, hoping to rescue Rahdu and Brainy. Their first attempt fails as Handy and Clumsy end up being locked in prison by Tamar. However, Pricari defeats the gorillas guarding the prison with one of his inventions and this time rescues the two Smurfs along with Rahdu and his parents, who have also been captured by Tamar because of their similar magic golden horns. Afterwards, Pricari takes a boat and sails away with all his animals and Smurf friends. However, his boat is wrecked, and Tamar, Azoul and the gorillas are soon catching up them in the evil ruler's superior boat. Luckily, Rahdu and his rescued parents save everyone by turning Tamar's boat into gold with their horns, causing it to sink like a rock into the ocean dragging along Tamar, Azoul and gorillas. The episode happily ends with Pricari returning safely home to his parents with his pets and the rhinos, while Hefty, Clumsy, and a restored Brainy reunite with the other Smurfs.


  • It is also known as "Prince Bakari" in some videos.

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