The Pookies with Dreamy as their returning king
Race TypeMammalian
ExistencePresumably fictional
ResidenceUnknown cavernous region
PopulationA dozen or so
First AppearanceSeason 3 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Pookies were a seemingly fictional group of people whom Dreamy had encountered in "The Smurf Who Would Be King". They were bear-like creatures who lived in a cavernous region somewhere below where the Norf Nags, a seemingly fearsome group of people, had lived. They were intimidated by the Norf Nags with their quake-making machines to mine for minerals and to deliver them unto the Norf Nags to increase their treasure.

The Pookies were waiting for the return of their king, which turned out to be Dreamy when he had somehow stumbled into their realm when he and the S.S. Smurf II were carried downstream into a waterfall and then into a whirlpool that led him to a cavernous place that he had no idea how to escape. Their king would carry a "secret weapon" that would help them defeat the Norf Nags once and for all, and though Dreamy was scared along with the Pookies by the intimidating appearance of the Norf Nags, he later guided the Pookies into the secret fortress of their adversaries, exposing them for the weak and less intimidating people they really were and freeing the Pookies from their tyranny. Dreamy then told the Pookies that the real "secret weapon" he carried was the one they had carried inside -- courage. But then one of the Pookies had activated the quake-making machine, shaking the fortress enough to bump Dreamy in the head, instantly returning him to the Smurf Village where he was still on board the S.S. Smurf II, all safe and sound.

Papa Smurf told Dreamy that what he experienced was a dream, but as Dreamy had found a crystal lying on the ground near the S.S. Smurf II, he began to wonder if it really was a dream.

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