First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon show

Cartoon Icon

Picklick is a character that appeared in the cartoon show episode "Smurfette For A Day". He is a gnome who was digging underground looking for the Cavern Of Gems. He has rather poor eyesight and thus can't see very well. In the episode, he comes across the Smurf Village and finds himself in love with Smurfette, desiring to take her to be his wife as he searches for the Cavern Of Gems. The other Smurfs try to protect Smurfette by having Hefty disguise himself as her so that Picklick will take him instead. No sooner did Piclick take Hefty, though, that he found the Cavern Of Gems, which was protected by a female gnome named Guardiana, who trapped them with stalactites so that they wouldn't escape. However, while Hefty kept Guardiana distracted with some girl talk, Picklick escaped through burrowing and took Guardiana instead of Hefty, which caused the both of them to fall in love and eventually get married.

Picklick was last seen as a wedding guest at Woody and Laconia's wedding in "Smurfily Ever After".

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