RaceFicus Solitarius
First AppearanceSeason 6
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Petaluma was a species of rare talking flower called Ficus Solitarius, an extremely rare, beautiful and selfish plant that appears in the cartoon show episode "Smurfette's Flower". While picking flowers in the forest with Puppy, Smurfette accidentally fell on and injured Petaluma. Smurfette happily volunteered to take her back to the village with her. Smurfette tended to her needs and went as far as to put a skylight in her house so that Petaluma could get more sun. When it rained, Petaluma told her not to close the skylight because she loved the rain. The next day Petaluma grew out of proportion from the rain and kicked Smurfette out of the house because there wasn't enough room for her. Brainy and Papa Smurf tried to prune her and demanded Smurfette take her back to the woods. Smurfette shocked at the way she talked to her. She accidentally stepped into quicksand, begging Petaluma to help her, who didn't want to get her tendrils muddy. Seeing her in her true colors, she was rescued by the other smurfs and left Petaluma, feeling betrayed.

Screen shot 2011-08-04 at 3.33.39 PM

Giant Petaluma being put back

Frostbitten Petaluma

Frostbitten Petaluma making amends

The winter took a turn and Petaluma suffered in the cold, realizing that she could have got a home with Smurfette if she had been nicer to her and yelled her name into the distance, begging her to come back. Smurfette heard her cries and rushed to help her, which prompted the smurflings and papa smurf to follow her. Petaluma begged Smurfette for her forgiveness for her behavior when a whirlwind grabbed Smurfette. Petaluma without hesitation pulled Smurfette out of the tornado and told her to run. Smurfette tried to get to Petaluma before the whirlwind took her, but she was too late and her last words were "Goodbye Smurfette!" Smurfette mourned the loss of the flower she loved, and knew that Petaluma in turn had grown to love Smurfette by saving her life. Papa Smurf saw two seeds on the ground left behind by Petaluma saying that she would see her friend again.

Petaluma's Children

Petaluma's children

Some time later, the two adorable little seedling daughters were growing in Smurfettes garden, given lots of water, sun and love, and in turn turned out to be sweet, loving, polite, friendly, cheery, and caring. When they asked Smurfette about their mother, Smurfette said that she "was a Smurfy mixture of beauty and goodness" and Brainy said" I have some things to say about your mother!" then the viewers, Smurfette, and Papa Smurf thought he was going to say she is cruel and vain but he said that she smelled as smurfy as they did.


  • In "Poet's Storybook", some of Smurfette's flowers were brought to life by Poet's magic storybook which looked exactly like Petaluma until they became monsters.
    • Strangely enough, Smurfette acted as though she had never seen talking flowers before in said episode.

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