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Title Translation of
Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf
FrenchUn Grand Schtroumpf de trop
SpanishDos Papás Pitufo
GermanPapa Schlümpf, Papa Schlümpf
ItalianDi Grande Puffo ce n'è uno solo
DutchGrote Smurf, Grote Smurf

"Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf" is a Season 6 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In Papa Smurf's laboratory, Grandpa Smurf chastises the village leader, saying that he looks rather worn out. Papa Smurf admits that he's been up since morning working on Farmer's double-growth formula, saying he will be able to grow twice as many smurfberries from the same bud. Grandpa Smurf invites Papa Smurf to go out with him into the forest to take a break, but Papa Smurf says he needs to look over Handy's blueprint, which makes the older Smurf concerned for the village leader. Then Poet comes into Papa Smurf's laboratory, saying that he needs help on his "Ode To Fruit", followed by Painter wanting him to look at sketches for a mural, Handy demanding Papa Smurf to look at his blueprints, Smurfette wanting some help with a wilted flower, and Snappy and Sassette having a fight with each other. Grandpa Smurf blows the whistle on all these demands for Papa Smurf's attention, telling the grand-Smurfs that they're asking too much of him. Brainy tries to dismiss the crowd by saying Papa Smurf's going to need all his free time to write an introduction to Brainy's latest Quotations book. However, all these distractions have caused Papa Smurf's formula work to bubble over until it explodes, which results in the village leader now being beside himself...quite literally!

Two Papa Smurfs

The two Papa Smurfs want to help long as he stays out of their argument over which one's going to help him!

The two Papa Smurfs realize that the double-growth formula has now duplicated the single Papa Smurf as they address their little Smurfs, who are so confused over which one is the real Papa Smurf. They both say that they are the real Papa Smurf "and so is he", and that they intend to work on a counter-formula so that everything will go back to normal. But Poet now sees an opportunity for there being two Papa Smurfs in the village, saying that their little Smurfs can now get all the attention they need -- an opportunity that not only the other Smurfs agree with, but also the two Papa Smurfs. Grandpa Smurf is rather unsure about having two Papa Smurfs to lead the village, but Smurfette is willing to go along with it, planting an orange feather in one Papa Smurf's cap and a green feather in the other Papa Smurf's cap, saying that they now have two Papa Smurfs to love.

That evening, as the two Papa Smurfs prepare for bed, commenting that it's like having a special guest in their house, they tell Grandpa Smurf that he should dump the double-growth formula into the Great Stone Canyon to make sure they don't have anymore duplicating accidents in the village. Grandpa Smurf agrees, saying that he wouldn't want two Brainys around. However, after Grandpa Smurf leaves, the two Papa Smurfs end up fighting over who's going to sleep in Papa Smurf's bed, with each of them willing to offer the other his place in it but instead they settle down elsewhere in the bedroom, hoping that one of them will eventually take the bed. They both go to sleep, muttering that the other Papa Smurf is certainly stubborn.

Out in the bottom of the Great Stone Canyon at night, Gargamel is chipping away at the rock wall until he comes across the very thing he is looking for -- the Blue Nade Stone, which is what he needs to make the needle in his Smurf compass. He soon hears a Smurf singing the Smurf song as he approaches the canyon, so the wizard hides himself behind the other rock wall to keep that Smurf from noticing him. However, Grandpa Smurf appears right above Gargamel, dumping the double-growth formula right onto him, which ends up duplicating both the wizard and the rock he is holding. This scares Azrael and makes the two Gargamels wonder who each other really is.

Back in the village, the Smurfs wake up to a breakfast of Greedy's muffins. Smurfette tells her fellow Smurfs to save enough muffins for the two Papa Smurfs, whom the other Smurfs see coming looking like they had a hard time sleeping. Smurfette shows them the seats she has saved for them, but the two Papa Smurfs end up sitting apart from each other. Handy asks if either of them had the chance to look at his blueprints, and one Papa Smurf says he will get on it right after breakfast, but the other Papa Smurf says that's what he was planning to do, and they both end up fighting with each other over who's going to do what. It gets no better as they both try to direct Handy in building a wall, with one saying the Smurfs should build the north wall first and the other saying they should build the south wall first. Handy tries to mediate by saying they are both correct, but both Papa Smurfs tell Handy to stay out of their argument. Smurfette could see that having two Papa Smurfs run a single village was not the best idea.

Meanwhile, Scruple and Azrael witness the two Gargamels squabbling over whose house really belongs to them, which ends up in violence. Scruple bangs on a pot to get the two wizards' attentions, then tells them that they should have a contest to decide which of them will stay and which one will leave. One Gargamel decides that they should have a Smurf-catching contest, with the other saying that the one who catches the most Smurfs will be the winner. As the two Gargamels shake in agreement to the contest rules, Scruple shakes his head saying that such a contest will last a lifetime.

Back in the village, Grandpa Smurf tells Sassette why two Papa Smurfs can't get along with each other when Painter approaches them, saying that the two village leaders are now fighting over his sketches. They play tug-of-war with one of the sketches until it rips, causing Painter to get upset. Grandpa Smurf says that having two Papa Smurfs is becoming too much and that they should now be working on a counter-formula to bring them both back together. The two Papa Smurfs agree on that idea and head into the laboratory to start working on it. As they bump into each other trying to enter the same place at the same time, Sassette hopes that they would come up with the formula and fast.

In Gargamel's castle, the duplicated wizards are now arguing with each other over who caused the most injuries on the other when Scruple paints a line in the middle of the room, saying that they can choose which side each of them will stay on. However, neither of them can agree over which one will make the decisions, which results in the two Gargamels fighting again. Scruple says that at this rate he's going to run out of bandages.

In Papa Smurf's laboratory, the two Papa Smurfs are fighting over the ingredients they were adding to the counter-formula, with the other Smurfs watching the lack of progress from outside. Eventually the fighting causes their work to explode in the laboratory, which makes the two Papa Smurfs realize that one of them has got to go. Grandpa Smurf has them picking straws to see which of the two will leave the village, and as it turns out the green-feathered Papa Smurf picks the short one, marking him as the one who must leave. This makes the other Smurfs as well as the orange-feathered Papa Smurf sad to see the other Papa Smurf leave, but the green-feathered Papa Smurf says that by working separately one of them might find the solution to bring them both together. Yet it still leaves some of the Smurfs wondering what they're going to do with one Papa Smurf left to his lonesome.

In the north clearing out in the forest, the green-feathered Papa Smurf makes for himself a house that he could live and do his work in when Brainy comes along delivering lumber for building a whole new village. He is followed by several other Smurfs, with Smurfette saying that they also have picked straws and now half of them will come to live with the exiled Papa Smurf. This makes this Papa Smurf feel very happy, though it makes those Smurfs realize that they are now without the skills that the Smurfs left in the original Smurf Village still possess. The green-feathered Papa Smurf says that they will have to pull together and do the work that the other Smurfs once did for them.

In Gargamel's castle, Scruple is busy doing double-duty cooking for two Gargamels who are demanding for their supper. He goes over to one of the Gargamels, who tells his apprentice that he is secretly working on a Smurf compass that will let him catch lots of Smurfs so he can get the edge over his "impostor". As he delivers the other Gargamel his supper, Scruple easily guesses that the duplicate is also working on a Smurf compass, which makes him wonder how his apprentice could even know what he is secretly working on.

Back in the original village, the Smurfs left behind in it are also facing trouble doing tasks that those who left the village once did for them, while the orange-feathered Papa Smurf is facing a dilemma of his own: he can only come up with half the solution to reversing the duplication. Grandpa Smurf suggests that this Papa Smurf should meet with his other self to figure out the rest. Papa Smurf decides to write to his duplicate in the other village to meet him halfway at the Great Oak Tree, having Hefty deliver the message. He also allows Grandpa Smurf to come along, saying that he will need a level-headed Smurf to attend this meeting. In the other village, the green-feathered Papa Smurf is also facing the same problem of only coming up with half of the solution and also comes up with the solution of meeting his counterpart halfway at the Greak Oak Tree, having Smurfette deliver the message to the Papa Smurf in the main village.

Soon the Smurf-catching contest between the two Gargamels starts, and as they both go into the forest with their Smurf compasses, one of them finds Hefty going off in one direction and the other finds Smurfette going off in another direction. They both follow those Smurfs to the villages they were heading toward with their Smurf compasses and they both end up capturing the Smurfs that were in it. At the Great Oak Tree, both Papa Smurfs as well as Grandpa Smurf are astounded to discover that the duplicates have found half of the solution that the other was looking for, and that the solution was just simply spring water. But then they hear the two Gargamels approaching, both carrying sacks that contain their little Smurfs in them. They realize that the double-growth formula had accidentally duplicated Gargamel and that they must save their little Smurfs.

In Gargamel's castle, both duplicates are frustrated to find out from their apprentice that their contest ended in a tie and that they both caught the equal number of Smurfs. Then the orange-feathered Papa Smurf shows up at their doorstep to tell them that they need a tie-breaker. As he runs off, the two Gargamels give chase, only to go after the other Papa Smurf who shows up in another place. The two Papa Smurfs continue to lead the two Gargamels on a wild-goose chase, making it appear that there is only one Papa Smurf, causing Scruple and Azrael to be distracted long enough for Grandpa Smurf to let loose the captured Smurfs. Eventually both Gargamels end up in a brook and, having lost one of the Papa Smurfs, they both fight with each other until they merge back into one Gargamel, with the merged wizard saying that the Smurfs are now all his.

Grandpa Smurf and the other Smurfs show up with "two souvenirs", the Smurf compasses that the Gargamels have made. The two Papa Smurfs admit to each other that they were glad they could finally work together. Then they both jump into the brook at the same time and merge back into one Papa Smurf with two feathers in his cap. This makes the other Smurfs glad to have one Papa Smurf back so they can live in the same village. And after hearing Gargamel ranting about the Smurfs that are now missing along with his Smurf compasses, Papa Smurf suggests that they should return to the village right away.


  • The European comic book story "The Smurf Menace" has Papa Smurf creating evil duplicates of himself and the entire village in order to get his little Smurfs to stop fighting each other.


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