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Title Translation of
Papa's Day Off
FrenchLes Vacances du Grand Schtroumpf
SpanishEl día libre de Papá Pitufo
GermanPapas freier Tag
ItalianLa giornata di riposo di Grande Puffo
DutchGrote Smurf's vrije dag

"Papa's Day Off" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As Papa Smurf entertains Brainy by listening to him practicing his speech recital, Farmer grabs the village leader's attention to Bigmouth eating away at their smurfberry patches. As several Smurfs huddle behind a log watching Bigmouth, wondering what to do, Papa Smurf comes up with an interesting solution requiring Hefty to gather up a slender branch, Farmer to bring along a smurfberry bush, and Tailor to use one of his sewing pins. Soon a few Smurfs under Papa Smurf's direction lower the branch with the smurfberry bush attached to it until it rests inside the back collar of Bigmouth's tunic. As the hungry ogre sees the smurfberry bush dangling right in front of his nose, he follows it wherever it leads him, away from the bushes and away from the village.

But though as simple as the solution was, Papa Smurf starts to feel wearied out, and decides to go to bed early. Farmer wishes that Papa Smurf could take the day off, which gives Smurfette the idea that they can give him a day off -- all that the other Smurfs have to do is take care of their own problems and not bother him for one full day. Of course, as Brainy observes, Papa Smurf would never go along with taking the day off unless the other Smurfs go along with the idea without letting Papa Smurf know they're going along with the idea. The few Smurfs gathered around Smurfette decide that it's a good idea, and that Papa Smurf deserves it.
Papa's Day Off 1

The next day, Papa Smurf wakes up refreshed and ready for action when he sees Smurfette working in her garden and cordially asks if she needs his help, to which she pleasantly replies that she can do it herself. Papa Smurf wonders where Baby Smurf is because it's his day to take care of him, and Smurfette answers that Hefty took him to the beach that day. She invites Papa Smurf to join them, but Papa Smurf says that he may be needed in the village. As he walks off, Smurfette looks over her shoulder at Papa Smurf and whispers, "not today you won't".

Outside Greedy's kitchen, the Smurflings help themselves to his delicious creampuffs sitting on his window sill, enjoying an after-dinner treat after breakfast, when Greedy catches the four-fingered bandits. Papa Smurf then comes along and asks if he needs help with the breakfast dishes, and Greedy replies that he already has four volunteers who "agree" to help him with the dishes for one creampuff "paid in advance". Papa Smurf chuckles at the thought before he walks off.

Next he runs into Handy, who is trying out his new well digger when the invention goes out of control and throws its rider off as it bounces itself off in another direction. Papa Smurf asks Handy if he needs help redesigning the well digger, and Handy refuses to let him, saying that the well digger is supposed to do that. Papa Smurf next turns to Brainy to help him finish his speech, but Brainy says that a "born speech maker" should be able to finish his own speech. Soon Papa Smurf finds that nobody in the village needs him that day and so decides to go to Homnibus' to play chess with him.

At Homnibus' hovel, the old human wizard observes that Papa Smurf's mind is not on the game since he has lost three games in a row. Papa Smurf feels that his little Smurfs may not even need him anymore since they seem able to take care of their own problems. Homnibus then shows Papa Smurf a special room that he keeps hidden called the Imaginarium, a room with special crystals that magnify one's imagination and allows that person to share his imagination with others in the room. As Papa Smurf sits in the chair in the middle of that room, Homnibus invites his friend to imagine what would happen if he had not been there to take care of Bigmouth the previous day. Papa Smurf at first imagines what Brainy would do, and instantly the two of them see Bigmouth chomping away at smurfberry bushes while the other Smurfs ask Brainy what they're going to do. Brainy confidently states that he will tell Bigmouth the treaty he has written up between them and Bigmouth, but as he tries to do that, the big ogre just sends him on an "all expenses paid" trip to the mountains!

Next, Papa Smurf imagines what Smurfette would do with Bigmouth, and instantly the two of them see Bigmouth chomping away at smurfberry bushes while the other Smurfs ask Smurfette what they're going to do. Smurfette then suggests to gather up as many flowers as they can, saying that he can't eat smurfberries and sneeze at the same time. Soon Smurfette offers the big ogre a bouquet of flowers for him to smell, and so he smells them, which causes him to sneeze, but the sneezing causes the smurfberry bushes to be blown away.

Papa Smurf's next subject of imagining is the Smurflings, and as he imagines what they would do, the two of them see Bigmouth chomping away at smurfberry bushes while Farmer asks the Smurflings what they're going to do. The four young Smurfs huddle together, and soon Snappy and Slouchy tie the ogre's ankles together with rope while he's distracted, and then Sassette tells him about the big berries that were right down the road. Bigmouth is ready to get his hands on bigger smurfberries, but as he moves, the ropes around his ankles bind him and cause him to fall right on top of a patch of smurfberry bushes. Papa Smurf then tries to imagine what Baby Smurf would do, but finds out that such would be beyond his ability to imagine. It is from these imaginings that Papa Smurf realizes that his little Smurfs do need him just in case something does happen, and so decides to return to the village, giving his human friend a friendly farewell.

Upon his return, Papa Smurf asks his little Smurfs if Bigmouth has returned, and they answered that he hasn't, that everything's been as "smurfy" as can be. But just then they heard the sound of a log hitting the village dam, causing it to break. The other Smurfs fearfully ask Papa Smurf what they're going to do, and soon the village leader springs into action, climbing up to the top of the dam to deal with the log stuck there. He then calls Handy to throw a rope around the limb of a nearby tree, and as he does, Papa Smurf ties the other end to the branch of the log and tells the other Smurfs to pull. Slowly they raise the log up out of the waters of the dam and then lower it into the gully where they rest it against the dam, preventing anymore water from leaking, before they secure the log in place.

As the Smurfs cheer, Smurfette asks Papa Smurf what they would do without him. While slipping a look toward the viewer, Papa Smurf simply answers that he couldn't imagine!

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