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Outcast Party 1
The Outcast Party tent.
Outcast Party 2
Two of the Outcast Party hosts, Snappy and Slouchy.
Outcast Party 3
The Smurfs having fun at the Outcast Party.
The Outcast
Clumsy having fun with his own dance, The Outcast.

The Outcast Party was a one-time event held by the Smurflings in the episode "Brainy's Smarty Party". It was held on the same day as Brainy's Smarty Party, mostly as a reaction to the Smarty Party rules that excluded the Smurflings from attending.

The Outcast Party was held in a big party tent that looked like it was hastily stitched together and put up. Though it wasn't as fancily decorated or as furnished as the Smarty Party (which had an indoor swimming pool), it did have tables and chairs as well as a platform for Smurf couples (which meant Smurfette and a male Smurf partner) to dance on. Unlike the Smarty Party, there were no set rules for the party itself -- everyone is invited to have fun however they want to, and everyone is accepted.

The first guest of the Outcast Party was Jokey, who was excluded from the Smarty Party for violating Rule #902 (no Smarty Party guest can play a joke on Brainy), where he proceeded to play his "surprise" prank on the Smurflings, who just giggled it off. The next guest was Grouchy, who violated an unwritten and unsaid rule about saying anything against The Brainy dance. The third guest was Lazy, who violated the rule about no sleeping at the Smarty Party. The fourth guest was Vanity, who violated Rule #4 about not removing his Smarty Party Tie. The fifth guest was Clumsy, who was excluded for his accidental violation of Rule #3 (no Smarty Party guest can make Brainy look ridiculous). This exclusion led to further violations of Brainy's Smarty Party rules, and more of his guests walking out of his party, including those who apparently have not violated any of Brainy's Smarty Party rules, only to go over to the Smurflings' tent to attend their Outcast Party.

Meanwhile, as Brainy was left alone in his own party tent to attempt having fun by himself, the other Smurfs were having a good time at the Outcast Party, with lots of singing, dancing (including Clumsy coming up with his own dance called The Outcast), eating, and just being themselves with each other. Eventually, Brainy realized that it's hard to have fun if no one is allowed to be themselves, so he decided to put an end to his Smarty Party and to humbly attend the Outcast Party, where he was accepted just as he was.

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