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This scene was shown during the episode "Once In A Blue Moon" as the song was being sung by Dreamy and Papa

Once In A Blue Moon is a song sung by by Papa Smurf and Dreamy at the end of the episode with the same name that introduced Baby Smurf.

Once In A Blue Moon (Song)00:48

Once In A Blue Moon (Song)


Dreamy: Once in a blue moon a baby comes to stay
Papa Smurf: Once in a blue moon, your heart is smurfed away
Both: And once in a blue moon, your heart is filled with love
Dreamy: And all the things...
Papa Smurf: ...a baby brings...
Both: from somewhere up above [gentle laughter]

International variations

  • In the French and Arabic versions of the Smurfs cartoon show, Papa Smurf sings the song alone without laughter at the end.
  • In the 2006 Polish re-dub, Papa Smurf and Dreamy's lines are accompanied with a background chorus.
  • The German dub has the song left in English.
  • In the Spanish version, Papa Smurf sings the first two lyrics, and then the rest of the song is spoken, followed by gentle laughter from all of the Smurfs.
  • In the Italian version, the song is spoken by a female narrator.
  • In the Hebrew version, the song is sung by a woman (the same actress who does the Hebrew narration and lyrics for the intro sequence) and the Smurfs' gentle laughter is not heard.

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