Bigmouth Cartoon
Bigmouth, an ogre

Bignose Full
Bignose, a female ogre

Bigfeet, a baby ogre

Also Known AsGiants (first appearance)
Race TypeHumanoid
ExistenceReal in-universe
ResidenceSmurf forest
First AppearanceSeason 1
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show

Comics IconCartoon Icon

Ogres generally resemble humans with taller and bulkier bodies that give them greater strength than most humans. However, ogres are rather limited in their intelligence, which is usually displayed in how they act and speak. They also have strong appetites, able to eat things that would normally be inedible to humans, such as rocks.

Bigmouth is the ogre that the Smurfs constantly run into from time to time in the forest where they live. There is also a frozen ogre that was guarding food that he stole from the Smurfs in the episode "Spelunking Smurfs" who was frozen along with the food by an enchanted diamond that curses its selfish owners with being frozen. When the Smurfs thawed out the food, the ogre was also thawed out and attempted to stop the Smurfs from taking the food, but Papa Smurf reminded the ogre about the last time he was selfish, and so the ogre decided to share the food and gave the diamond to the Smurfs, saying that it gave him the chills. Also, in the Season 9 episode "The Monumental Grouch", an ogre named Biggus Mouthicus appeared.

In the comic books, Bigmouth is referred to as a giant, although his physical stature falls within the same range as humans. However, there is an ogre in the story "The Ogre And The Smurfs" who identifies himself as Bigmouth's cousin, referring to Bigmouth himself as an ogre.

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